20 Baby Things to Buy Before Birth

Learn what baby things you need to buy before birth

With your baby on their way, you are sure to have a million and one things on your mind.

What outfit will I put them in when I bring them home from the hospital?

Which newborn diapers are the best to use?

Which bottles are best for breastfed babies?

Did I buy postpartum underwear yet?!

Learning what to buy for your baby while pregnant can be overwhelming.

I know for me, pregnant with twins, I just didn’t know what to buy for them.

In this post, I’ll will go over the baby things to buy before giving birth.

This way, you won’t have to worry about what baby needs after you bring them home and you can focus on getting in those precious snuggles (and naps).

Baby Things to Buy Before Birth

Let’s face it, babies tend to need a lot of stuff.

They need diapers and a ton of other things to keep their butts smooth.

You will need breastfeeding supplies if you are planning on breastfeeding.

You will also need a bunch of different things to feed your baby.

Not to mention clothes, blankets, burp rags, pacifiers, the list goes on!

But there is a fine line between what essentials your baby actually needs and all the other things that are considered baby must-haves.

So let’s get started with the baby essentials so you can check those off of your list!

Baby Essentials

While there are many different things you can do without when it comes to your little one (like a diaper wipe warmer) there are just certain things that are baby essentials that you need to have on hand before you come home from the hospital.

1. Crib/Bassinet/CoSleeper

Your baby needs somewhere safe to sleep at night and for naps. Bassinets are a great option for when you want baby close to you but not in your bed. Parents often splurge on smart bassinets to help get their little ones to sleep through the night.

If you are looking for another option for a bassinet that allows you to keep baby close at night, these bedside bassinets are a great option.

These types of bassinets allow you to feel like your baby is sleeping right next to you but is safe and sound in their own space.

If you would prefer to have your baby in bed with you, then consider getting a co sleeper.

This allows you to keep baby in bed with you but keeps them safe from rolling over or being rolled onto.

Then of course you have a ton of different options for cribs. If you are going to opt for a crib right away, I highly suggest getting a crib that converts into a toddler bed and a twin size bed.

This way you don’t have to worry about getting a new bed each time they move up in sizes, which will save you some money in the future.

2. Baby Monitor

Having a baby monitor gives you peace of mind when you lay your baby down to sleep. These are essential if your baby is in their own room at night and during nap time during the day.

Having a baby monitor gives you the ability to check in on the baby without having to go into their room and worry about waking them up.

3. Swaddles

My twins

Swaddles are a great way to get baby to sleep when they are still little and don’t move around much.

Wrapping up your baby helps them to feel snug just like they used to back in your womb. While you can easily create a swaddle out of a receiving blanket, the ones that have velcro on them are very nice and actually stay closed.

4. Diapers

Whether disposable or reusable, you are going to need diapers, a lot of diapers.

Diapers are a very big personal choice. Some people swear by certain brands of disposable diapers while others will only ever use reusable diapers.

If you are planning on asking for diapers for your baby shower, be sure to ask for gift receipts also.

You never know if your baby won’t like a certain type of diaper or will outgrow them quickly.

If you are opting for cloth diapers, there are many adorable options on Amazon.

5. Wipes

Baby wipes are another essential when preparing to bring baby home.

Of course, you want to be sure that you are choosing the best possible option for your little one’s bottom, there are many options for natural baby wipes.

6. Car Seat and Stroller

Twins in carseat

You can’t bring your baby home from the hospital unless you have a proper car seat to put them in.

Ideally, getting a car seat and stroller combo is great as then you know the car seat will fit in the stroller when you want to take baby out for a walk.

7. Diaper Bag

Unless you plan on never leaving the house, you’re going to want to get a diaper bag.

Having a diaper bag allows you to keep all of baby’s essentials organized on the go. There are many stylish and functional diaper bags available.

8. Clothes

Yup, while keeping your baby in just a diaper is pretty adorable, you are going to need to make sure they have clothes.

Clothing essentials include onesies, footed pajamas, and sleep sacks.

Baby Must-Haves

While you can get away with having only the bear essentials when you have a baby, getting these baby must-haves certainly makes life with an infant a lot easier.

9. Bottles

Unless you are planning on exclusively breastfeeding your baby for the first 12+ months, you might want to get some bottles. There are so many amazing options when it comes to what type of bottles to use.

10. Baby Wrap or Carrier

Whether you’re going out for a hike or just trying to get baby to go to sleep when they’re fussy, having a baby wrap or carrier on hand is super helpful.

11. Baby Swing

Baby swings are great for soothing fussy babies.

They love to rock back and forth while looking at objects or just taking a little nap.

While there are many different types of baby swings to choose from, travel sized swings are great as they are easy to move around the house and take up less space.

12. Burp Clothes

If you want to be sure that every shirt you wear doesn’t wind up covered in baby puke, then having burp clothes on hand is a good idea.

A good option is to get these gauze diapers that come in a large pack and are very absorbent.

13. Pacifiers

Whether or not you are breastfeeding, it’s a good idea to have pacifiers on hand. You might have to try a few different ones until you find one that your baby actually likes. 

14. Nursing Pillow

Do yourself a favor and get a nursing pillow.

It is going to be a lifesaver on your back when you are sitting up nursing your baby. They even have ones with pockets to hold your water and snacks!

15. Changing Table/Dresser

Dressers with changing tables are a great way to create a convenient changing station. You can keep all of their extra diapers, clothes, and other changing and clothing accessories all in one spot.

16. Portable Changing Pads

Sometimes you might have to change your baby in less than ideal conditions. Unfortunately not every public bathroom has a baby changing station.

So having a good, portable changing pad on hand is a great way to make sure baby’s butt stays off unsanitary surfaces.

17. Diaper Pail

You don’t always want to throw away diapers in your regular trash can. If baby is formula fed or when they start to eat solid foods, it is going to get real stinkey real quick.

Having a diaper pail is a great way to dispose of diapers in your house without worrying about the stink.

18. Hats and Mittens

Baby’s lose a lot of their heat through their heads.

Keeping them bundled up in a hat will help to keep them nice and toasty.

Also, mittens are good for preventing them from scratching themselves with their tiny, razor sharp fingernails.

Even if you think you did a good job filing their fingernails down, they are going to find a way to scratch themselves.

19. Sensitive Skin Laundry Detergent

You are not going to know right away if your baby is going to be sensitive to certain things like your laundry detergent.

So it’s better to just wash all of their clothes in laundry detergent for sensitive skin from the start.

Also, don’t forget to wash their clothes before you let them wear them for the first time.

20. Baby Toiletries and Medicines

This is a broad category and can include items such as:

  • Baby shampoo and body wash
  • Nail file and or clippers
  • Baby brush and or comb
  • Baby lotion or moisturizer
  • Butt creams
  • Saline spray
  • Infants Tylenol
  • Thermometer
  • Nose sucker
  • Vitamin D drops
  • Gripe water
  • Gas relief drops
  • Baby toothbrush

It can be difficult sometimes to be sure that you have everything you are going to need before you bring baby home from the hospital.

It’s my hope that this list has given you a good idea of the baby things to buy before birth.

Whether you are looking for baby essentials or baby must-haves, you’re always going to think of more things that you’re going to need.

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