How to Tell Your Husband You are Pregnant

Creative ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant (for the first time)

It can be very difficult to hide that glow when you find out you’re pregnant, especially if you have been planning and trying for some time now.

No matter if this is your first pregnancy or you’ve had a couple of kids already, it’s always fun to surprise your hubby with the exciting news.

But rather than running out of the bathroom to tell him right away, you prefer to surprise him in a fun and creative way that he will remember forever.

Whether you want to take him on a special dinner date to tell him or present him with a surprise pregnancy announcement, we’ve got you covered.

I didn’t have that opportunity since I was doing IVF and my husband was with me every step of the way.

But, hopefully you’re finally pregnant and excited to let hubby know!

In this post I will cover some cute, creative, and fun ways to let your husband know that you are expecting.

When to Tell Your Husband You Are Pregnant

One of the first things to consider when you are wanting to tell your husband that you are pregnant is if this was a planned pregnancy or not.

While he’s sure to be happy about it either way, if it is something unexpected you might want to plan your announcement a bit more carefully as he might react out of shock rather than excitement.

The decision as to when to tell your husband when you are pregnant is entirely personal and takes many factors into consideration.

Do what feels right to you and your relationship.

Sometimes a big extravagant unveiling is perfect for your husband while other times, a quiet more intimate telling is the way to go.

Although the sooner the better as he will then be able to support you better knowing that you are pregnant and attend doctors appointments with you and go get you those late night cravings that will come up.

So, exactly how do you go about telling your husband that you’re pregnant?

Fun Ways to Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

There are plenty of fun ways to make a pregnancy announcement to your husband.

If you already have older kids, get them involved. Get creative with a surprise pregnancy announcement, get crafty, or make him go on a scavenger hunt.

1. Lotto Winner!

Have you been struggling with how to tell your parents you & your husband are pregnant?

Then this surprise announcement will be the winner. Whether you’re meeting up with them for dinner or just to hang out, give them one of these lotto tickets where everyone’s a winner!

2. Surprise Scavenger Hunt

Without giving away too many hints, send him on a scavenger hunt where the end result is a positive pregnancy test.

Want some ideas to use to make the scavenger hunt, check out these cute little cards to help you out.

This would be a great theme around Valentine’s day as well. 

3. Box It Up

There are also a ton of different ways that you can present him with a pregnancy announcement in a box. Include a custom onesie that says something like “Daddy,” or “Baby [last name] coming soon.” He’s sure to be surprised!

4. The Test

There are about a thousand different ways that you can present your husband a positive pregnancy test, other than just giving it to him.

You could place it in random spots around the house where you know he’ll find it, give it to him in a plain box, or leave it on the counter (in a plastic bag of course).

5. Puppy Surprise

The family pet will soon have to compete with the new baby, so make sure they start off on the right paw by helping to tell dad.

There are tons of ways to include your pet in your announcement to your husband. Have them deliver a paper with an announcement inside.

You can purchase a cute little announcement shirt of bandana for them also.

6. Fruits Galore

If you are a bit further along and you can start to measure your baby by the size of a fruit, use that to your advantage.

Get a bunch of those fruits and get creative with a message to him.

Creative Ways to Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

7. Stork Egg

Ok, this isn’t actually a stork egg, but it’s a pretty darn cute idea to give to your husband.

An unforgettable way to let him know that you are egg-specting!

8. A Sweet Surprise

If your hubby is a fan of sweets, then he’s going to love this sweet surprise. Get some custom chocolates or cookies to let him know that he’s going to be a daddy.

9. Bun In the Oven

Or if you are wondering how to tell your husband you are pregnant in a creative way, let him know you’ve got a bun in the oven.

This can also be made into an ornament and given to soon-to-be-grandparents with a custom note that you are expecting.

10. Dinner for 3?

In searching for creative ways to let him know he’s going to be a dad, you might have thought about how to tell your husband you are pregnant at a restaurant.

If you want to go for a really big surprise factor, then telling him while you are out to eat at a fancy restaurant is one way to go about it.

This one is going to take some advanced planning on your part.

There are a couple of ways to do this.

You can order a custom plate or mug that reveals the surprise message when they finish and have the restaurant use it for his meal.

You can also ask for a table for three and do something like place a onesie in the third seat or get creative in other ways.

Just be prepared for whatever his reaction might be.

If you aren’t going to a fancy restaurant but one where they normally sing happy birthday to customers, you can ask that they come over and sing happy birthday with a big reveal at the end.

11. Life’s a Beach

If you live in an area where you frequent a beach, then why not make the announcement there?

There are also a bunch of different ways that you can tell your husband that you are pregnant while at the beach. Give him a seashell with a special massage inside.

Build a sand castle that hints that you are expecting, or simply just have him close his eyes while you write it in the sand.

12. Hidden Message

Before you sit down for dinner, write a note on the bottom of your cup that says “I’m pregnant.” Make sure you sit across from him while you sip!

Cute Ways to Let Your Husband Know You’re Pregnant

13. A Birthday Surprise

What better birthday surprise than letting your husband know that you are pregnant!

When thinking about how to tell your husband you are pregnant around his birthday leaves so many options.

This is also a fun one to get a little spicy with.

Let him know that he’s in for a night he will never forget. Put on a silky robe with a pregnancy announcement shirt underneath. Then when he thinks he’s going to get the big reveal, he’ll get the big news!   

14. Get the Kids Involved

If this is not your first pregnancy, then you can have a little more fun with getting your older child or children involved.

If your children are a bit older, they can decorate their own pregnancy announcement t-shirts.

You can also help them by writing “big sister,” or “big brother” on the t-shirts and give dad a big surprise when he gets home from work.

15. Baby Booties

There are so many adorable pairs of baby booties out there!

Pick some up, wrap them up in a little box and present it to him over dinner or as soon as he walks in the door from work.

He will be pleasantly surprised when he figures out what they mean.

16. Subscribe and Save

Who doesn’t love a good Amazon subscribe and save!

Place an order for diapers and wipes and see if he notices.

Otherwise, have him get the packages when they arrive for a big surprise.

You can also order them as a gift and include a note that says something like, “I added this to the subscribe and save, seeing we’re going to need a lot! P.S. I’m pregnant!”

17. A Sweet Note

If you are looking to surprise your hubby at work, this is a fun way to do it.

Bring him a box or donuts or other sweet treats to work in a box with a note taped to the inside of the box. Write a cute note like, “eat up daddy, mommy can’t be the only one eating for two!”

18. Matching Outfits

What is your husband a fan of?

A certain sports team, is he a gamer, or hunter?

Pick whatever hobby he loves doing and get a matching t-shirt and onesie combo and present it to him as a gift. This is a fun one to do right around Father’s day.

The Joy of Telling Your Husband You’re Pregnant!

While you want to be sure that you are sharing the news with your husband in a fun and creative way, don’t overthink it.

While you only have one chance to tell him, he probably won’t remember much of how you announced your pregnancy to him because of all the excitement.

For more ideas to unveil your pregnancy check out these guides:

Tell me in the comments which idea you’re going to try to let your hubby know your pregnancy!

I want to know!

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