19 Cozy Fall Pregnancy Announcements to Try Out

Cozy up with these fall pregnancy announcements!

There’s nothing as exciting as finding out you’re pregnant!

And one of the most exciting parts of your journey is sharing this wonderful pregnancy news with your friends and family.

While you can certainly just blurt it out, why not share the news in a fun, creative, and significant way?

If you’re planning on announcing your pregnancy in the fall, you should definitely take advantage of this season.

There are so many beautiful ways you can reveal your exciting news!

It doesn’t matter if you want to print cards or share your announcement on social media – you’re going to love these ideas.

From pumpkin patches to turkey dinners, check out these cozy fall pregnancy announcements to try out.

When Should You Announce Your Pregnancy?

Even though you are probably bursting at the seams to tell everyone you are pregnant as soon as the pregnancy test shows a positive, take some time to consider when you want to announce your pregnancy.

While there’s no perfect time to make your announcement, many women wait until they are at the end of the first trimester before telling everyone – just to be safe.

Plus, if you wait to announce your pregnancy, you’ll have a copy of your ultrasound to include in your announcement.

Or, if you wait long enough, you can include your baby’s sex as well.

However, you may want to tell some close friends and family first, and that’s perfectly okay!

(Pssst: Don’t forget to tell your partner!)

How to Announce Your Pregnancy

While this article is full of amazingly cozy fall pregnancy announcement ideas, how you get the word out is also important to consider!

For instance, do you want to mail cards to close friends and family?

Post it on social media?

Hand deliver the news?

Just keep in mind that your close family and friends probably don’t want to find out about your pregnancy on Facebook! Be sure to announce the news to them personally.

You can have any of these ideas printed so you can hand your announcement to your loved ones and watch their reaction!

When you’re ready to announce on social media, any of these ideas will work well for your announcement.

Fall Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

1. Fall Calendar

If you’re doing your fall pregnancy announcement on social media, try doing a flat lay with a calendar!

Simply layout a calendar page for the month you are due, surrounded by cozy fall accessories.

You can add a chunky orange blanket, leaves, mini pumpkins, and some baby shoes.

Throw in a letterboard or a picture of your ultrasound as well.

2. Apple Orchard

Apple picking is a popular activity to kick off autumn and the perfect place to have pictures done of you and your partner.

You can hold a letter board with your announcement while you pose among the beautiful apple trees.

3. Pumpkin Belly

Using pumpkins is a great way to create a fall pregnancy announcement.

You can hold a small pumpkin against your belly and write “Baby {Your Last Name}” on it.

Or you can have your partner hold a pumpkin while you hold your own belly to be a bit mysterious!

If you want to get real fancy, carve out a pumpkin and put a baby pumpkin inside.

Too cute!

4. Fall Wreath and Chalkboard

I like this idea because it’s super simple.

Take a chalkboard and write down your announcement (this can include the name you have picked out, your due month, etc.)

Frame the announcement with a beautiful fall wreath.

You can get creative and add in baby items such as booties and tiny socks.

Not interested in gathering photo props? You can make this announcement digitally too! Just look for a transparent PNG of a fall wreath and add some text.

5. Baby Onesie

This one is a bit generic but can easily be used as a fall pregnancy announcement.

Have your due month, baby’s name or a cute phrase printed on a onesie.

Lay it out flat and surround it with autumny-items, just like in the calendar idea.

6. Sunflower Field

A sunflower field is another perfect location for a fall pregnancy announcement!

These flowers bloom in the early fall, and you can add fun accessories to your photo shoot like a foil balloon that says “baby.”

7. Thanksgiving Spread

If you plan on announcing your pregnancy later in the fall, why not take advantage of your Thanksgiving spread?

Lay out your delicious dishes and include a letter board to announce your awesome news!

8. Hallowe’en Costume

When we talk about the season of fall, we can’t forget Hallowe’en!

Use a creative costume to announce your pregnancy, like a skeleton with a little baby skeleton in the belly.

When I was pregnant with my twins I was almost showing during Halloween and planned on being a “mummy.” 

I would just wear white and wrap my body up with toilet paper. I thought it would have been a cute costume to announce my pregnancy at work.

Unfortunately, I was put on bedrest and told to stop working around this time so I never got to dress up!

9. Trick Or Treat

Continuing with the Hallowe’en theme, you can also make a chalkboard sign with a cute phrase on it like, “No tricks, just a treat. Our family is growing by two little feet.”


10. Pumpkin Patch

Another location you should consider for your announcement is a pumpkin patch.

Many will have little photo “booths” set up using pumpkins and bails of hay where you can do your photo shoot.

You can also include the pumpkin belly idea I mentioned above!

11. Fall-Themed T-Shirts

Include your partner and any other children in your family in your announcement by having custom t-shirts made.

You can use phrases like, “We are adding a pumpkin to our patch,” and have little t-shirts made with cute pumpkins on them.

12. Leaves

I love the idea of including nature in your fall pregnancy announcement, and you can definitely use leaves to do this.

Look around for leaves shaped like hearts to hold on your stomach, or simply hold a larger and smaller leaf together!

You can even lay out a leaf for each family member on a log or stump.

13. Include Your Pets

Don’t forget to include your furbabies in your announcement!

You can pose your cat with a pumpkin or let your dog play in a pile of leaves.

Although you can really do this in any season, adding a fall touch along with your pets is a super adorable way to announce your big reveal.

14.  Custom Cookies

Indulge your sweet tooth by having custom cookies made in the shapes of onesies and pumpkins.

Or you can make them yourself!

Then all you have to do is take some pictures and eat the cookies when you’re done!

15. Scarecrow Family

For your pregnancy announcement, make a scarecrow family!

You can make one of the scarecrows pregnant or include a baby scarecrow.

Scarecrows are super easy to make too. Simply build a frame using pieces of wood to fit inside some old clothes and stuff with leaves.

Use a pillowcase to create the head and put it all together!

16. Puzzle

If you’re planning on telling your friends and family about your pregnancy in person, having a custom puzzle made is a super cute idea.

Use a creative pun and some autumn imagery to create a puzzle pregnancy announcement. Then you get to sit back and watch as your loved ones put it together and realize what’s going on!

17. Baby Bike

If you and your partner are cycling enthusiasts or simply enjoy an autumn bike ride, you can use this for your pregnancy announcement!

Pose yourself and your partner on a bike along a beautiful fall trail and add a tiny bike into the shot.

18. Sibling Announcement

Don’t forget that you can include your children in your pregnancy announcement!

Set up a sibling announcement by having your child hold a small pumpkin with a sign that says something like, “I’m thankful I’m going to be a big sister.”

19. Bonfire and S’Mores

Bonfires are a must during cool autumn evenings!

Light a (safe) fire and use it for your photo shoot. Or create little S’mores kits that say, “Adding S’more love to the family!”

Fall Pregnancy Announcement Puns

No matter how you announce your pregnancy using these cozy fall ideas, you can always use a letter board or chalkboard to add these super cute puns!

  • Life is Gourd
  • Falling in Love
  • Spice, Spice, Baby
  • One More Reason to Be Thankful This Year
  • Don’t Eat Pumpkin Seeds
  • Adding a New Pumpkin To Our Patch
  • My Boo is Almost Due

Remember to have fun with your fall pregnancy announcement!

What’s the Coolest Way to Announce a Pregnancy?

There are so many ways to announce a pregnancy these days – especially all the ones in this list!

But what is the coolest way?

Well, you can’t go wrong with a traditional way, like a simple announcement to your friends and family.

Or you can go all out and do something creative, like announcing it on social media or even making a video.

But if you really want to make a splash, why not try announcing your pregnancy in a cool way that reflects the season you’re in?

For example, if you’re pregnant in the spring, you could announce it with a beautiful bouquet of flowers that spells out ‘baby.’

Or if you’re pregnant in the winter, you could announce it with a festive holiday scene in the back of a horse carriage. No matter what season you’re in, there’s a cool way to announce your pregnancy.

So go ahead and choose the one that’s right for you.

How Do You Announce a Pregnancy on Thanksgiving?

Delight your family with a festive Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement!

Why not write that you’re pregnancy in Sharpie on a pumpkin or slip it into the Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons?

That would make for some fun conversations!

Or, if you want to be really creative, you can bake a pecan pie with a positive pregnancy test sticking out of the top!

No matter how you choose to break the news, announcing your pregnancy on Thanksgiving is sure to be a memorable experience for everyone involved.

How Do You Announce a Pregnancy on Halloween?

Besides the skeleton baby costume or my idea of a Mummy, there are some fun ways to announce a pregnancy on Halloween!

  • Dress up as a pregnant witch or ghost. This is a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit while also announcing your big news. Simply put on a black dress and add some fake spider webs or green face paint to look like you’re about to pop.
  • Create a clever jack-o-lantern. Carve a pumpkin with the words “Mommy’s Expecting” or “Baby’s First Halloween.” This is a cute and festive way to let everyone know that you’re expecting.
  • Hand out cigars wrapped in black tissue paper. For a more traditional announcement, hand out cigars wrapped in black tissue paper. This is a classic way to let the father-to-be share the news with his friends.

Congratulations and Have Fun!

Don’t sweat over finding the perfect pregnancy announcement. The whole point is to have fun!

Get creative and try different ideas until you find one that works.

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