17 Boy Baby Shower Themes to Happily Welcome Your Newborn

Find some boy baby shower themes to welcome your new baby!

Did you know that baby showers are a fairly modern idea?

Around 1937, etiquette books started referring to “stork showers” as a way to celebrate the soon-to-be arrival of a newborn.

It didn’t take long for these parties to become a tradition and it’s almost always assumed that when you are pregnant, you will be having a baby shower!

While you don’t have to burn yourself out planning an extravagant affair, it’s nice to organize a memorable gathering to celebrate the arrival of your baby boy.

To get you started, here’s a quick rundown of how to plan a baby shower along with 17 adorable boy baby shower themes you’re sure to love!

Planning a Baby Shower

While choosing the right theme for your boy baby shower is important, there are other steps involved in planning this party.

First of all, you have to decide when you want to have your baby shower. For most parents, having the shower around 4-6 weeks before the due date works out well – it gives them lots of time to figure out what they still need for the baby.

Second, you have to figure out who to invite.

As a general rule, you should invite your closest friends and relatives (people that are most likely to be involved in your baby’s life or who want to celebrate the new baby).

Depending on your preferences, you can invite just women or men too.

Even fathers-to-be and their friends are getting in on the fun of baby showers!

Third, it’s helpful to set up a baby registry so that your guests know what you need.

Instead of receiving five bottle warmers, your guests will be able to help you stock up before the baby arrives.

Be sure to include your registry information in your invitations!

Lastly, it’s time to choose a boy baby shower theme!

Then you can plan out food, activities, and favors to make this occasion super special.

To get you started, here are some amazing themes you should consider to happily welcome your baby boy.

1. Woodland Theme

Create This Boy Baby Shower Theme:

Check out this adorable woodland theme! Decorate with wood grains, pinecones, and cute little woodland creatures.

This 2-tier tree bark server is a great way to serve up some tasty treats and can be used for gatherings all year round.

2. Rubber Duck Theme

Create This Boy Baby Shower Theme:

With this combination of blue and yellow, this is sure to be the perfect boy baby shower theme!

You can buy a pack of little rubber duckies for cheap to add to your decorations.

You can even let your guests take one home for their little ones as a souvenir!

3. Safari Theme


Create This Boy Baby Shower Theme:

Let the adventure begin!

Celebrate your baby boy by throwing a safari theme baby shower complete with animal print balloons, jungle animals, and delicious treats. Use an adorable backdrop or incorporate jungle-themed stuffies into your decor.

4. Moon and Stars Theme

Create This Boy Baby Shower Theme:

I love this moon and stars idea because you can really turn it into a unique boy baby shower theme by adding elements such as telescopes and astronauts.

And I also love these huge moon wall stickers that you can use to decorate for the party!

5. Garage Theme

Create This Boy Baby Shower Theme:

This vintage garage theme is super classic and rustic!

Grab some old tools, license plates, and even this amazing vintage red truck – which you can then use to decorate your baby boy’s nursery once he arrives.

6. Lumberjack Theme

Create This Boy Baby Shower Theme:

Who doesn’t love a little buffalo plaid for a party?

You can use this popular pattern to throw a lumberjack-themed boy baby shower!

Make sure you grab one of these lumberjack baby shower party packs and serve some delicious camp-type finger foods.

7. Shark Theme

Create This Boy Baby Shower Theme:

You can go full-on Baby Shark with this theme or stick to something that is more generic – but just as fun!

This is one of the cutest summer boy baby shower themes you can go with, complete with fishing nets and lots and lots of blue.

8. Nautical Theme

Create This Boy Baby Shower Theme:

If you love the idea of summer boy baby shower themes but want to stay away from, well, sharks, you can always go for a nautical theme.

Grab this awesome nautical-themed party supplies kit, some blue and white balloons, and whip up some tasty treats!

9. BBQ Theme

Create This Boy Baby Shower Theme:

If you’re looking for a summer boy baby shower theme you can enjoy outside, consider throwing a BBQ bash!

Fire up the grill and decorate your outdoor space with plaid, red and white balloons, and these rustic wood crates.

10. Bee Theme

Create This Boy Baby Shower Theme:

Welcome, Bay-Bee! How cute is this boy baby shower theme?

You can have a lot of fun with this one, serving cupcakes and candies that are yellow and black. Don’t forget to finish off your tasty treats with some bumble bee cake toppers!

11. Little Prince Theme

Create This Boy Baby Shower Theme:

Announce the arrival of your little prince by throwing a royal boy baby shower!

Use these cute golden crown cake toppers to decorate along with anything gold and blue. I love how they added a sweet little teddy bear to the decor!

12. Little Man Theme

Create This Boy Baby Shower Theme:

I thought this was one of the more modern boy baby shower themes I came across – and it’s super easy to pull off!

Just slap some of these mustache stickers on everything! No matter what you decide to do for the rest of your decor, this will totally work.

13. Airplane Theme

Create This Boy Baby Shower Theme:

Having a baby is definitely an adventure! Celebrate the upcoming arrival of your baby boy with an airplane-themed baby shower.

Check out these little suitcase candy boxes that you can use to decorate as well as send guests home with a tasty treat!

14. Farmer’s Market Theme

Create This Boy Baby Shower Theme:

Babies are locally grown, right? I love this unique boy baby shower theme where you can decorate with an adorable Radio Flyer wagon (which will make for a great toy for baby boy later one!) as well as fresh fruits, fresh veggies, and home-baked bread. Yum!

15. Superhero Theme

Create This Boy Baby Shower Theme:

This wouldn’t be a list of amazing boy baby shower themes if I didn’t include superheroes!

With bright colors and popping text, you can easily make this party happen.

You can also make it extra fun for your guests by setting up a superhero photo booth with this cityscape backdrop and props!

16. Elephant Themes

Create This Baby Boy Shower Theme:

There’s just something so sweet about elephants and an elephant-themed baby shower is a perfect way to welcome your little one!

While I’m sure you can find tons of elephant party decorations, I couldn’t get over the painted mason jars!

How simple of a decoration is that?

17. Teddy Bears

Create This Baby Boy Shower Theme:

I love this retro, yet classic, baby boy shower theme!

This would be so easy to put together by simply gathering teddy bears but I love how this idea incorporates hot air balloons. You can use these paper hanging hot air balloon ornaments to add to the teddy bear theme!

So Many Ideas!

Remember that you don’t have to plan a Pinterest-perfect baby shower to welcome your newborn!

These themes are simply ideas to get you started on creating an event that is memorable and fun.

If you have any unique boy baby shower themes you’d like to suggest, I’d love to hear them!

Drop your ideas in the comments below!

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