18 Things to Do In Your Second Trimester

Essential Second Trimester Checklist

Are you in your second trimester of pregnancy, mama?

The second trimester starts at around week 14, and goes up to week 27.  And it’s known as the’ Honeymoon Phase’ of pregnancy.

Because you’ve – hopefully – made it through morning sickness. And your energy levels should be rising after that difficult first trimester.

Now you might be tempted to start ticking things off your to-do list. But trying to do everything can get overwhelming.

So I’ve created a helpful checklist of essential things to do in your second trimester. Don’t worry – there’s plenty of fun things to do on this checklist, too!!

Pssst – This post is a follow up to my popular checklist of things to do during your first trimester.

Prepare for Baby

1. Make a Birth Plan

Yes, you’re actually going to have to deliver this baby!

And that can be a frightening thought.

But a birth plan can help calm your nerves by making sure your wishes about where you want to give birth, pain relief options, and everything else are known in advance.

Here’s an awesome post about all the things you could include in your birth plan.

And here’s a helpful birth plan printable from a Labor and Delivery Nurse.

If you’re concerned about tearing, here are 10 natural ways to prevent tearing during childbirth.

2. Take a Childbirth Class

Before those contractions start, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about labor, delivery, pain relief options, postpartum recovery and more!!

And luckily there are lots of amazing childbirth courses online. So you don’t even have to leave your couch. Phew!!

There are even courses for dad so he knows how best to support you during labor and delivery.

My favorite online birth course is:

Mama Natural Birth Course

This is the best course hands-down for a soothing natural birth.

You do have control over your labor and delivery, mama!

3. Pick a Birth Partner

Yes, mama, it’s completely your choice who you have with you in the delivery room.

Pick a birth partner early on in your pregnancy so that you can take time to prepare together – and so your birth partner can get to know your wishes.

You might automatically choose your husband.

But you may decide to include someone else too. Just be sure to check with your hospital in advance about how many people are allowed to be with you.

4. Decide if you Want to Hire a Doula

A doula is a labor coach and her job is to help you have a positive birthing experience.

They can help with natural pain relief options, advocate for you with doctors, and so much more. She’s your labor and delivery BFF!!

Here’s an awesome guide to choosing and hiring a doula.

5. Make Space for Baby

Tiny babies take up a surprising amount of space with all their stuff!!

So now’s a good time to do some decluttering – before your bump gets too big!! Try not to leave this one until after baby is born because you’ll be too tired and busy with more important things!!

No matter how busy you are, I’ve got 9 surprisingly simple and effective decluttering tips for you.

Just remember to go slowly, rest when you need to, and get someone to do all the lifting for you.

6. Create a Baby Budget

One of the main causes of stress in pregnancy has to be financial worries.

And babies are expensive, right??

In fact the average cost of having a baby is $245,340!!!

But making a baby budget can help make things less stressful for you and your partner.

But what if you realize that you need to make more money?

There are lots of money-making opportunities for every skill and interest!!

7. Look into Childcare

I know it might seem early – but now’s a good time to look into childcare options if you plan to return to work. How far in advance you have to choose childcare will depend on your location, budget and requirements.

But if you do some research now, you’ll be able to forget about it and just focus on resting during your third trimester.

And I should tell you that you don’t necessarily NEED to return to work. When my twins were born I just couldn’t face the thought of returning to work – or those high childcare bills!

So I became a freelance writer and blogger. You can read about my journey to work at home mom here.

And if blogging isn’t your thing, there are lots more ways for moms to make money at home.

8. Prepare the Nursery

Yes, now it’s time to get on Pinterest and start dreaming.

But don’t panic – experts recommend that baby sleeps in your room for at least 6 months. This is to reduce the risk of SIDs.

So you’ve got plenty of time to prepare that nursery, mama!!

Be sure you follow all the guidelines for choosing baby safe furniture and bedding.

When I found out I was pregnant, we were still living in a one-bedroom apartment. So if you’re wondering how to make room for a nursery, here are some of my small nursery tips.

Fun Stuff to Do

Me announcing the gender of my twins!

There are plenty of fun things about being pregnant. So don’t forget to add some of these to your to-do list.

 9. Announce your Pregnancy

Many couples wait until after the first trimester to announce their pregnancy – when the risk of loss reduces dramatically.

Not sure about to announce? It’s a great way to spread the news and maybe even have a party too!

10. Grab a Fun Pregnancy Shirt

One of the fun things about pregnancy for me was looking for fun maternity shirts.

I didn’t start to show until around 19 weeks – I honestly couldn’t wait to start showing off my bump!!

And you don’t need to drown in frilly, outdated maternity clothes!

11. Take a Babymoon With Your Husband

A babymoon is a vacation for you and your husband before baby is born.

And the second trimester is the perfect time for a babymoon because you’re over the morning sickness of the first trimester. But traveling during the third trimester can be awkward and uncomfortable.

Why take a babymoon?

You and your husband won’t have as much time for each other once baby is born – especially in that first intense week.

So now’s the perfect time to reconnect and spend time with each other.

12. Create a Baby Registery

It can be awkward telling friends and family what you actually want and need for baby. So set up a registry and make it easy for loved ones to help you.

You can keep it simple with an Amazon baby registry.

Amazon carries pretty much everything anyone could possibly want, right!!

And most people have used Amazon – it’s incredibly user-friendly. So an Amazon registry will make it easy for people to send gifts to you and baby.

Get started with an Amazon registry here.

13. Find out Baby’s Gender

Or not!!

Talk with your husband about whether you want to know baby’s gender before the birth.

If you do plan to find out baby’s gender, you could plan a fun gender reveal for friends and family. 

14. Take Bump Pics

I know it feels like you’re going to be pregnancy forever.

But this time is going to fly by and you’ll even miss it – yes, really!! All that glossy hair!!

So don’t forget to take some photos of your growing belly.

If you’re really organized, you could take photos weekly. Or you could just do what I did and snap a few when you’re feeling photogenic!!

Maternity Self Care

You’re growing a tiny human, mama! So make sure you take care of yourself with these simple easy-to-follow tips.

15. Start Doing Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises – or pelvic floor exercises – help strengthen the muscles and ligaments supporting your pregnancy.

And they’re shown to help you have an easier delivery!!

Here’s a 25-minute workout you can use during pregnancy to get your body birth ready.

16. Eat Healthily

Now you’re in the second trimester the morning sickness should have stopped – hopefully!!

So now’s a great time to eat healthily.

I love using my Instant Pot to make healthy but fast dinners

And here’s an awesome guide to healthy eating in pregnancy.

17. Do Some Gentle Exercise

Regular gentle exercise throughout pregnancy can help prevent gestational diabetes, reduce stress, and prepare your body for labor.

Swimming and walking are great during pregnancy.

And you could sign up for a pregnancy class at your local gym – it’s an awesome way to meet other women in your area who are also pregnant.

But be sure to check with an appropriate medical professional before undertaking any exercise during pregnancy, just to be safe.

18. Start Stretch Mark Prevention

Stretch marks are those thin lines or streaks that can develop on your skin during pregnancy.

I got stretch marks on my tummy and breasts. But they can also develop on your bottom, thighs and hips.

Most women get them in pregnancy – between 50-90%. So don’t worry too much about them.

Unfortunately there’s no miracle cream. But there are some simple, natural things you can do to prevent them.

Essential Checklist of Things To Do During Your Second Trimester

Mama, I hope you found this list of essential things to do during your second trimester helpful!

But trying to get too much done can feel overwhelming. So remember to rest when you need to and enjoy this honeymoon phase of pregnancy.

Over to you –

What tasks are first on your second trimester to-do list? Let me know in the comments. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Don’t forget to pin for later.

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