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8 Haakaa Hacks + How to Use this Silicone Breast Pump for New Moms

New breastfeeding mom? Look no further. Learn how to use Haakaa to help you with breastfeeding and pumping.

What the heck is a Haakaa?

If you’ve never heard of this wonderful invention before, you may be imagining some sort of mystical or exotic tool or product for moms who adhere to natural and organic lifestyles.

Well, you’re half right.

Best Breast Pumping Guide for New Moms

Get all of your breast pumping questions answered so you’re never left clueless as a new mom! Learn all of the best tips and tricks to make your breast pumping experience the best it can be!

Breastfeeding is such an incredible experience! Knowing your little one is so helpless and reliant on you for life, nutrients, and protection is heartwarming.