15 Breastfeeding Supplies for New Moms

Get the best breastfeeding supplies you need from a mom of twins!

As a new mom, breastfeeding can be a little overwhelming at first.

Especially if you are a mom of twins like I am! Learning how to breastfeed two at a time or tandem was difficult for me.

But I pushed through it and learned a great breastfeeding schedule and breastfed my twins to almost two years old!

Every mom who has breastfeed for any period of time knows how much easier it is when you are prepared and have the right supplies.

Whether you are exclusively breastfeeding, exclusively pumping, or doing a combination of both, having the right breastfeeding supplies just makes life that much easier.

In this post I review some of the essential items that every breastfeeding mom should have.

A Few Words About Breastfeeding For New Moms

When it comes to breastfeeding for new moms, there is a lot to learn. From keeping your milk supply up to how to know if your baby is actually getting enough milk.

Thankfully, there are two very wonderful online courses that go in-depth about everything breastfeeding that will answer all of your questions.

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class

Getting the hang of breastfeeding is more than just getting your baby to latch on.

This 90 minute course covers everything a new breastfeeding mama needs to know. From the law of supply and demand to a complete guide for breastmilk storage.

If you are afraid that you won’t be able to make enough milk, are in search of support from other breastfeeding mamas, or looking to avoid the biggest mistakes that breastfeeding moms make, then this class will certainly be worth your time.

The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class

Women can experience a lot of hesitation and fear when it comes to having to return to work while they are breastfeeding.

Don’t worry, many women are successful at pumping at work. This back to work pumping course will help to ensure that you are ready to return to work with an ample freezer stash and all of the right pumping equipment.

At only 45 minutes, you can master everything related to breastfeeding before you even leave the hospital.

And speaking of having the right supplies…

Breastfeeding Supplies Every New Mom Needs

Contrary to popular belief, a prepared mama needs a lot of breastfeeding supplies. From nursing bras, tank tops, bags, coolers, flanges, bottles, you name it!    

So I wanted to go over all of the essential breastfeeding supplies to make the time you spend breastfeeding and or pumping a little bit easier.

Breastfeeding Clothing & Boobie Care

When it comes to breastfeeding, whether it’s out and about or just lounging around the house, you need to be comfortable and be able to have easy access to your…milk makers.

Let’s talk about your boobs for a minute.

Obviously they are super important when it comes to breastfeeding, so you need to take good care of them. That means comfortable clothing, and a couple other essentials to take care of those milk making miracles.

Nursing bras

When breastfeeding, nursing bras are an absolute accessory!

Try dealing with a regular bra when your baby is screaming, not fun!

There are two main types of nursing bras, the ones that are not super supportive and just pull over and then the regular ones that unlatch. The pull over bras are great for when you are just handing out around the house or sleeping.

If you are looking for a more full coverage, underwire bra, there are plenty of options for those as well.

They simply unclip at the top while offering the support of a regular bra. If you are not a fan of underwire and want to opt for the unlatching ones, you can always try a seamless nursing bra – this one is soo soft mamas! Many women purchase a few of each type so they will be comfortable in any situation. 

Nursing pads

There are two reasons why you are going to want nursing pads.

  1. To avoid those embarrassing and leaky situations.
  2. Your nipples are going to be sensitive and rubbing on anything can be irritating.

There are two main types of nursing pads to choose from, disposable and reusable.

These disposable nursing pads are super absorbent and ultra soft, perfect for sensitive skin.

If you are looking for a more environmentally friendly option, then opt for reusable nursing pads.

Water proof on one side and highly absorbent on the other. Although, I would suggest getting a few pairs so you’re not always searching through the laundry for some.

Nursing tops

Nursing tops are such a lifesaver!

They are oh so stylish and most don’t even look like nursing tops.

They come in such a wide variety, you are sure to find a few to suit your needs and your style.

Overall, they should be comfortable and nonrestrictive. Some popular styles include this wrap cardigan, perfect for layering, poncho style shirts (I lived in these!), and these super comfy nursing sleeveless tops.

Nursing cover

There are plenty of options out there for nursing covers. While most of them are a little cumbersome and awkward to wear, this nursing cover/scarf can be used in a number of different ways. It can be used as an infinity scarf, nursing cover, car seat cover, baby wrap, or shopping cart cover. 

I mostly used it as a baby wrap and car seat cover during the hot summer months.

Nipple butter

As a new mama and breastfeeding novice, your nipples are not used to being used as a food source.

All that extra moisture and sucking can really take a toll on your poor breasts. Having some nipple butter on hand is great for preventing cracked and sore nipples.

3-in-1 breast therapy packs

These therapy packs are great for a number of reasons. Using hot relief helps to soothe plugged milk ducts and mastitis and encourage milk flow, while a cold press helps to ease engorgement.

Everything Pumping

Pumping bras

While, again there are a ton of options available for pumping bras, I HIGHLY suggest that you get a hands free pumping bra – this is the one I used with twins! When you are spending hours per day pumping, a hands free pumping bra allows you to still be able to get things done while making milk. 

Pumping tank top

A pumping tank is similar to a hands free pumping bra and perfect for working moms to wear under their work attire. It’s a pumping bra and nursing top all in one!

Breast pump

Now there is a lot that goes into selecting a breast pump, so I suggest that you check out our ultimate guide on breast pumps. Here are a few fan favorites:

*Pro Tip: No matter what type of breast pump you decide is right for you, always make sure you have spare parts, especially flanges.

Haakaa Pump

Learning how to use a Haakaa can help you with more milk flow and make it easy to travel with this easy portable pump.


Bottles are a very personal choice and allow mom to take a break or dad to help with feedings. Check out my guide to the best baby bottles for breastfed babies.

While my top pick is the Dr. Brown’s bottles, every baby is different and you have to figure out what they like. 

Storage bags

While some pumps require specific milk bags, like the Willow, most pumps allow you to put expressed milk into any type of breast milk storage bag.

Storing breast milk is more than just dumping milk in a bag and tossing it in the fridge. You have to follow some guidelines in order to keep you and your baby safe. 

The Lansinoh breast milk storage bags are durable and when frozen, store easily.

When storing your breast milk, do your best to freeze it flat, this makes for much easier storage.

When storing it in a freezer, there are a few options.

When working with limited freezer space, it’s essential to keep your milk neatly organized in storage containers.

You can also opt for simple, container bins to keep larger quantities of milk stored in the freezer.

Cold packs

Cold packs for storing breast milk are pretty essential if you are out and about or pumping at work.

Again, there are a lot of options available but it’s best to get one with a large ice pack and that will easily fit your bottles or bags. A style like this is very popular and is a great option for working moms.


Don’t forget to keep some snacks handy while breastfeeding.

Keeping breastfeeding snacks on hand is a great way to keep your milk supply up and to keep away those hunger pangs. From cookies to lactation teas, you will never run out of tasty milk boosting snacks.

Water Bottle

One of the keys to making enough of that precious milk is to stay hydrated! This water bottle easily fits into any bag and will help to keep you motivated to drink enough water with the cute message on the bottle!

Breastfeeding supply bag

Of course, you need a good bag to carry all of your breastfeeding supplies. This stylish bag doubles as a cooler and changing bag all in one.

If you prefer a tote style and need to carry larger items, like a laptop, this breastfeeding tote bag makes the perfect accessory.

Breastfeeding Supplies You Need

When you are just getting started with breastfeeding, it can seem overwhelming.

From choosing a pump to making sure you have a comfortable bra, there is a lot that goes into being able to successfully breastfeed.

The key is to try and be as prepared as you can when your baby arrives and don’t be too hard on yourself.

Breastfeeding takes a lot of time and energy to get right. Just sit back and be a proud mama for being able to provide your baby with that liquid gold.

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