How to Relieve Heartburn During Pregnancy

How to prevent and treat heartburn when you’re pregnant

Are you feeling that burning sensation in your chest, mama? Are you struggling to eat and sleep comfortably? It could be heartburn!

And you’re not alone!

About half of all pregnant women experience heartburn – also known as acid reflux.

As a mom to twins, I had terrible heartburn. My twins took a lot of space in my uterus and as they grew my daughter inched her way up towards my chest (well, it seemed she was sitting on top of my stomach!).

Heartburn can be a very early sign of pregnancy and sadly, it’s a symptom that could stay with you for your whole pregnancy.

So if you’re suffering, take a look at these 14 life-saving ways to relieve heartburn during pregnancy.

What Causes Heartburn During Pregnancy

Heartburn during pregnancy is caused by pregnancy hormones slowing down your digestive system and later on by your growing baby pressing on your abdomen.

And when you feel the burn, you’re actually feeling food and digestive juices backing up from your stomach to your esophagus – yikes!!

As well as a burning sensation in your chest, symptoms include:

  • Sore throat
  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • Burping
  • Being sick

You may also find that the pain or burning sensation gets worse when you bend over or when you’re feeling anxious.

CAVEAT: I am not a medical professional and this should not be taken as medical advice. I’m just sharing things that many mothers-to-be have found helpful. If you are concerned about you or your baby, please consult an appropriate medical professional immediately. Persistent heartburn may be a symptom of a more serious underlying problem.

Natural Relief for Heartburn During Pregnancy

So what can you do about heartburn during pregnancy?

I had terrible heartburn when I was pregnant with my twins and I tried all kinds of remedies.

So here are 14 simple ideas that may help you, mama!

1. Sleep Propped Up

This one definitely works, mama!

Because it stops the stomach acid reaching your esophagus.

I slept propped up for a lot of my pregnancy – anything to relieve that burning sensation.

Try a specialist pillow like this one to help get comfortable propped up.

2. Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is so popular right now – for treating common ailments, cleaning around the home, even for pets!

And, mama, it might also help relieve your heartburn during pregnancy.

Mama Natural recommends starting with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with 8 ounces of water. Sip throughout the day.

Apple cider vinegar might just be your new GBB!!

3. Consider How You Eat

This one could NOT be simpler!

This article suggests taking a moment to consider HOW you eat:

  • Don’t drink with your meal as this can trigger heartburn. Keep your drinks for between meals.
  • Eat more slowly and chew your food properly.
    The less work your stomach has to do the better!
  • Try eating small meals throughout the day – rather than 3 big meals.
  • Don’t eat right before bed

4. Avoid Constipation

During pregnancy, this one might be easier said than done!!

But avoiding constipation can help ease your heartburn – so it’s worth a try, right?

I recently wrote about 8 natural ways pregnant moms can ease constipation – number 8 will surprise you!!

5.  Try Avoiding These Foods

Certain foods are known to trigger heartburn during pregnancy. So it might be worth avoiding these foods for a short while – at least to check if they trigger heartburn for you.   

  • Spicy food
  • Fatty foods such as cheese, red meat
  • Root vegetables, like onion.  

6. Know Your Triggers – Every Mom is Different

And while some foods have all been shown to be heartburn triggers, they might not be triggers for you. So keeping a food diary to try to identify the particular foods that trigger your heartburn is a MUST!!

I would use my bullet journal to do this – it’s saving my mom life when it comes to getting organized!!

7. Wear Loose Fitting Clothes  

Have you been putting off buying maternity clothes?

Are you still squeezing yourself into your pre-pregnancy clothes?

Mama, it might be time to think again!

This dietician says avoiding those tight fitting clothes can help relieve heartburn.

So if you’re looking for some comfortable tops, check out these fun maternity shirts

8. Try Ginger

You might have already used ginger if you’ve been battling morning sickness.

Because ginger is awesome for lots of stomach issues.

And ginger might help relieve your heartburn.

You could try a ginger tea instead of your morning coffee!

Remember to check with your doctor before you start drinking herbal tea during pregnancy!!

9. Acupressure

Acupressure comes from traditional Chinese medicine.And you can think of acupressure as acupuncture without the needles! There’s some evidence that acupressure might help to relieve heartburn.  

This post talks about how to use acupressure to relieve heartburn during pregnant. 

But be careful, mama! Did you know that certain acupressure points can also help induce labor?

10. Eat Almonds

Avoid mints after dinner and reach for some almonds instead.A small handful – between 3 and 8 almonds – can be enough to relieve heartburn. Because the alkaline in almonds can help neutralize stomach acid.

11. Stock Up On Alkaline Vegetables

Don’t panic if you aren’t a fan of almonds!! Eating alkaline-rich vegetables may also help to relieve heartburn.

You could whip them up into a nourishing juice or include more plant based meals for dinner.

Check out this list of quick and delicious vegan dinners you can cook in an Instant Pot.

12. Eat an Apple a Day

With all the hype about apple cider vinegar, don’t forget about the apple itself. Apples are an alkaline food that may help relieve heartburn during pregnancy. And it couldn’t be easier to pop a couple of apples in your bag – a truly natural ‘fast food.’

13. Coconut Water

Coconut water is so popular right now!!

And if you’re suffering the pain of heartburn during pregnancy, you might want to try it.

Because Mom Junction says that coconut water is a natural acid neutralizer and may help relieve heartburn. 

And the natural fibre in coconut water may also help relieve constipation. For more tips on preventing and soothing constipation, check out these 8 easy remedies.

14. Drink Water

You knew I was going to say this, right? Haha

But seriously, drinking lots of water can help relieve heartburn during pregnancy.

Your favorite caffeine and carbonated drinks may make heartburn worse. So sip on water throughout the day and put out that fire in your throat.

I LOVE my thermos water bottle. It holds 18oz and keep my water icy cold all day – such a relief!!

And drinking lots of water is a great habit to get into. Staying hydrated will help you to lose that baby weight, and keep your milk supply flowing.  

14 Life Saving Ways to Relieve Heartburn During Pregnancy

Hopefully one of these natural heartburn solutions will give you some relief, mama.

Remember that you may have to try several different remedies before you find the one that works for you.

And don’t hesitate to talk with your doctor if heartburn persists.

Over you you – what have you tried to beat the pain of heartburn?

Any soothing tips to share? Let me know in the comments below.

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