13 Ways to Quickly Recover from a Vaginal Delivery

Learn how to quickly recover from a vaginal delivery!

Giving birth is one of the most magical and traumatic things your body will ever experience.

You’ve spent the last 9 months growing another human, hours in labor and delivery, and now it is time to rest and recover – as much as you can at least!

It really is amazing the things the female body is capable of.

Things can, for the most part, go back to the way they were.

While your cervix and vagina will not completely return to their pre-pregnancy shape and size, it does go back to working condition pretty quickly.

While vaginal births have a much quicker recovery rate than a C-section, there are things you can do to speed up your postpartum recovery from a vaginal delivery.

How Long Does A Normal Recover From a Vaginal Delivery Take?

Generally speaking, it takes about six weeks to recover from delivery.

This is also the common time allowed for maternity leave. Although how soon you recover greatly depends on your body and activities.

Don’t try and rush things.

Use this six-weeks as a time to really heal from the last nine months of pregnancy and your delivery.

While some postpartum symptoms will fade pretty quickly, such as perineal pain, symptoms like a sore back and tender breasts are probably going to stick around a lot longer.

If you are lucky enough to avoid an episiotomy (having to get cut to make room for the baby to come out), then you can expect your healing time to be around three weeks.

If you do need an episiotomy and stitches, then it is going to take six weeks or more to fully heal.

How Long Can You Expect Vaginal Bleeding After Delivery?

This is probably one of the most inconvenient and annoying postpartum symptoms. Think of the worst period you have ever had then multiply that by 100%!

With a vaginal delivery, it can take a full six weeks to heal and fully stop bleeding.

While the first week or so after delivery is the worst, you can expect to have period-like symptoms for a few weeks after. This is just all of the leftover blood, mucus, and tissues lining your uterus being expelled.

So make sure that you stock up on some pads because you are definitely going to need them!

Your PostPartum Recover Checklist

Now let’s get down to the essentials.

This is everything you are going to need to rest, relax, and recover from bringing new life into this world. The following tips and tricks will help you to speed up your recovery and make that first six weeks for postpartum a little more tolerable.

1.Get Some Pain Relief Tablets

It is likely that you will need some kind of pain relief after having a vaginal delivery.

The Healthy Mama Pain Relief Tablets are a form of acetaminophen, a common pain reliever. It can help with everything from a soar bottom to an achy back. It’s fast-acting and gentle on the stomach so you don’t have to worry about any post-delivery nausea.

Always make sure you are consulting your doctor before taking any medications if you are breastfeeding.

2. Stock Up On Pads

That first couple of days after you deliver, regular old pads just aren’t going to cut it! You are going to need some super duty heavy hitters.

Yes, it will feel like you are wearing a diaper, but I can promise you, it won’t last forever. After a few days, you can switch over to lighter pads and maybe even start to wear regular (non-gauze) underwear.

3. Apply Heat To Reduce Cramping

After delivery, you uterus contracts in order to get back to its normal shape. These can feel like really bad period cramps. Having a heating pad, in addition to some acetaminophen, can help to ease those cramps.

It is also great to lay on at night to help relieve back pain. With four different heat settings, you are sure to find the perfect setting for your needs. It also has a super soft cover and an auto-shutoff, so you don’t have to worry about falling asleep on it either.

4. Localized Heat and Cold Packs

These things are a lifesaver if you are having a lot of pelvic pain after your delivery. You can use them as a hot or cold pack and place them directly in your underwear without having to worry about it being uncomfortable.

Get the pain relief you need directly where you need it. They have a terry cloth cover and can also double as an ice or hot pack for other areas of the body.

5. A Localized Spray

If an ice or cold pack just isn’t cutting it, then some herbal perineal spray can help to get the comfort you desperately need.

This organic herbal spray is safe enough to use while pregnant as well as postpartum. Simply toss it in your hospital bag and use it after delivery to make your first trips to the bathroom a little easier.

6. Wash Instead of Wipe

You might not realize this yet, but after having a vaginal delivery going to the bathroom can be a chore. The whole wiping process can be a bit painful and uncomfortable.

The hospital will likely give you a little squirt bottle to help keep you clean, but it takes a bit of work to figure out how to get the angle right.

This is where the MomWasher comes in handy. It is perfectly angled and has a gentle spray to help keep you fresh and clean.

7. Take a Probiotic

Having a good bowel movement after delivery can be a little tough, especially if you are on any type of pain medication.

You don’t want to work too hard and end up with any kind of complications. This is why eating a high fiber diet and taking a probiotic help to keep everything moving smoothly.

8. Squat to Poop

Speaking of having an easier time going, the Squatty Potty is great for pre- and post-delivery. When you sit on the toilet your bowels are not at an optimal angle. The Squatty Potty helps to elevate your legs and align your colon to make going easier and pain-free.

If you haven’t already seen the infamous Squatty Potty commercial, I highly suggest you watch it here. Not only is it educational but also hilarious!

9. Excersice Your Kegels

Getting your kegel muscle back into shape is just as important as exercising any other part of your body. However, many women seem to forget about this important muscle.

Having strong kegel muscles not only helps recover from giving birth, but it also strengthens your bladder muscles and leads to better sex.

As one of the top kegal exercisers recommended by experts, it pairs with an app that provides you with real-time biofeedback and six unique exercises.

10. Sit On A Donut

It can be rather uncomfortable sitting after having a vaginal delivery. If you are having a lot of issues and pain sitting, it could be that you are putting too much pressure on your perineum.

A donut cushion helps to distribute the pressure to your butt cheeks rather than your tailbone and perineum. This helps to provide relief from a sore and achy bottom.

11. Soak With Salts

As a new mama, you have every right to rest and relax whenever possible. This all-natural bath soak is made with natural, premium essential oils including Geranium, Juniper, Lavender, Frankincense and Vitamin C crystals to help neutralize the bathwater.

Simply add ½ to one cup salt to a warm bath or sitz bath for relief of discomfort in addition to some light aromatherapy.

12. Sitz On The Toilet

Ok, I know this might sound and even look a little weird, but hear me out. When you don’t have time to draw yourself a full bath, this is a great option.

Simply fill the sitz bath with Epsom salt and warm water, place on the toilet (like you would a potty seat) and relax! There are even holes in the side for easy disposal of the water right into the toilet.

13. Wear A Recovery Belt

The postpartum recovery belt is great if you have had a vaginal delivery or a C-section. It helps get everything back to where it should be.

During your pregnancy, your body adjusts to fit your growing baby. This includes moving your organs around. While they generally go back into place on their own, the recovery belt helps to speed up the process.

It is made up of three different belts that you can wear individually or put them all together, so it’s more like four products in one! Made from a breathable material, it’s available in two sizes and highly adjustable.

The belt helps to support your core abdominal muscles and assist your uterus to return to its original size sooner. And bonus points for taking a few inches off of your belly and making you look instantly slimmer!

There you have it.

All the essentials to help you quickly recover from a vaginal delivery and make your postpartum life a little easier.

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