25 Genius Homeschool Room Ideas (For a Great Learning Time)

Get awesome homeschool room ideas if this is your first run!

Are you among the many parents preparing to homeschool their children this year?

I never imagined I’d be considering homeschooling my twins.

However, with the schools getting shut down due to the pandemic and my children switching to distance learning, I had to get in gear and set up a good learning environment at home.

I’m not sure if I will continue to homeschool my kiddos once schools open up but, for the time being, I know the importance of having a homeschooling setup that is beneficial to their productivity and comfort.

It’s nothing fancy but we make do with what we had. I found ways to organize my homeschool supplies, decorate the space, and set up a desk for my kiddos that worked well for them.

Setting up a homeschool classroom is all about your children’s unique needs and what you have to work with.

I hope you take the following ideas and change them to suit your home and needs!

Homeschool Classroom Storage Ideas

The key to your homeschool setup is to find an organizational system that works for you!

Whether you are homeschooling one kiddo or five, you need to make sure your materials are sorted and easy to access.

If you’re working in a small space, something like this rolling cart combo is perfect for organizing books and supplies for your kids:

The smaller cart separates the books by category, making it easy to incorporate them into the different subjects you are teaching!

The taller cart sorts out all kinds of school supplies and labels them so your kiddo knows exactly where to go to find what they need!

It would be so easy to tuck something like this next to a table in your dining room if you’re short on homeschooling space.

Of course, you need some storage to organize your materials as well.

This chunky bookshelf is divided into sections to accommodate your materials:

It also has little cubby spaces for each child so they can easily grab their supplies and get ready for the day!

This next homeschool setup I love because it uses a tall shelf to store all kinds of homeschool supplies. They’ve even locked the bottom cabinet for materials they don’t want little hands to get on:

Tall shelves are perfect for smaller spaces since they use up more vertical space to store all kinds of homeschool supplies.

Organizing your homeschool classroom is all about storage and maximizing space. This homeschooler used a built-in shelf in their home to label and organize all of their homeschool supplies:

They even went so far as to color coordinate different subjects and label everything! Imagine – instead of running around your home looking for all of your homeschooling materials, they’re all right in front of you in one place.


This next storage idea shows you that you don’t need an abundance of space for shelves – you can turn even a small closet into an organized homeschooling hub:

This small section is dedicated to craft supplies but the homeschooler made great use of the space by storing items in glass jars (making them easy to see!) and using small drawer bins to keep track of glue, glitter, string, and other fun supplies for arts and crafts.

Plus, I’m loving the color-coordinated papers down below!

Homeschool Classroom Wall Space

Your walls are perfect real-estate when it comes to adding educational visuals to your homeschool classroom.

Whether you are setting up a calendar, daily schedule, or lesson prompts, you can definitely take advantage of your wall space.

This idea uses a magnetic whiteboard to set up math, writing, reading, and spelling lesson prompts for the day:

Because it’s a whiteboard, each lesson can be erased and the new ones written each day!

Plus, it’s magnetic, so this homeschooler has placed magnetic organizers to hold additional materials.

I know a lot of homeschooling parents are worried about trying to set up a classroom in a smaller space. This idea uses a small space between two windows to display a calendar plus some adorable visual prompts:

The corkboard calendar makes it super easy to swap out the months without having to constantly remove and replace stuff on the walls.

There’s a lot going on on this wall but it has everything a homeschooler needs to keep track of the day:

They simply used a plastic tablecloth to create a background and a school-themed border to give it a finished look. In one contained space, they have a clock, math posters, a calendar, and many more learning materials!

Here is another corkboard idea that is perfect for smaller spaces:

One corkboard can fit a calendar, weather spinner, days of the weeks, and seasons. There are canvas pockets attached at the bottom to hold extra materials as well.

Wall space doesn’t just have to be used for calendars! Here’s an example of a corkboard being used as a focus wall:

Focus walls are great in your homeschool classroom, especially for younger learners. It’s a nice visual way of helping your little one keep track of what you are learning that week.

Even if your homeschooling space is small, there are so many ways you can use your walls to display so many educational materials!

Homeschool Classroom Desk Setups

So a large part of having a homeschool classroom that makes learning fun and engaging is creating a space your kiddos feel comfortable in.

While organizing is more for your benefit, having the right homeschool desk setup can help them feel relaxed and more productive during the day!

How you set up your homeschooling desks will depend on how much space you have but, as we’ve seen, anything is possible in a small space!

This idea uses an entire wall to set up desks for three children. Each child has their own space, homeschooling materials, and a board to pin stuff onto:

A nice long shelf above the desks also provides additional space to store and organize homeschool materials.

And you don’t need to buy a fancy desk to pull off this look! Check out this homeschooling desk setup where a piece of wood is simply placed on top of filing cabinets:

There is ample space for two students as well as room for materials and supplies.

However, if you’re really crunched on space and want to keep things super simple, all you need is a desk!

I love this idea because it takes an old-school classroom desk that’s been repainted and placed in the corner of the room. There’s plenty of space to work and a little bit of storage – and it doesn’t take up an entire wall!

Yet, sometimes you don’t even need a desk. For my twins who have been distance learning, I simply use two small folding kids’ tables!

It gives them plenty of room to work and doesn’t take up too much space in my home.

So you can really use anything as a homeschool desk. Here’s a homeschooler who uses a larger kids’ table for a learning space:

As your kids get older, you’ll obviously want to upgrade them to larger desks and tables. But, while they are small, you can definitely keep it simple!

If you do have the room to accommodate larger desk setups and have multiple children you are homeschooling, you can always dedicate one side of the room to desk space:

This one is really cool because it uses tall bookshelves to divide the desks into private spaces. So not only are the kids getting their own space to work in but there is plenty of storage as well.

Homeschool Classroom Decorating Ideas

Of course, once you have your homeschool classroom set up, you’ll want to make it look cool! Here are some classroom decorating ideas that are based on super cute themes:

Homeschool Theme Idea: Space

Check out this super cool space theme you can use for your homeschool classroom. I love how it combines blues and oranges as well as some great motivational posters:

Homeschool Theme Idea: Calm Colors

If you’re worried about overwhelming your kiddos with bold colors and themes, you can opt for this calm decor that uses muted pastels:

Homeschool Theme Idea: Plants

You don’t have to have a green thumb to enjoy this beautiful plant theme! I just love the combination of greens and how plants are incorporated into everything, even the labels:

Homeschool Theme Idea: Boho Rainbow Flowers

This is another nice and gentle homeschool classroom theme that uses muted colors and calming visuals:

Homeschool Theme Idea: Vintage Vibes

However, if you are looking for bright and fun, you can always stick to some old-school classroom decorating ideas! This theme makes me feel like I’m back in elementary school again:

Homeschool Classroom Printables

Lastly, I wanted to share some ideas of educational printables you can use to further encourage your child’s education and fill up some free wall space!

In fact, you can easily print these out and add them to the wall space ideas I suggested above.

This visual school schedule is perfect for keeping yourself and your kiddos on track throughout the day:

In fact, children do best when they know what to expect! This will help them know what to look forward to throughout the day.

Don’t forget to pin up some great reference printables for things such as colors, numbers, and letters:

Lastly, you want to keep your children motivated while you are homeschooling. Express your encouragement with printable classroom posters:

And, hey, you may just find them encouraging as well!

Your Homeschool Set Up

There you have it! I hope these ideas get your creative juices flowing when it comes to setting up your own homeschool classroom.

While I know a lot of ideas look super fancy and expensive, they can be a great guideline for putting together your own unique homeschool classroom that suits your space, your budget, and, of course, your kiddos!

Do you already have a classroom set up at home? I’d love to hear your ideas! Share them in the comments below.

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