16 Best Homeschool Desk Ideas for Kids

Get the best homeschool desk ideas for kids for large spaces and small spaces.

Hey, are you ready to homeschool this season?

With what’s going on in the world right now, I feel homeschooling or distance learning is our plan.

But, I have to set up a good learning environment at home.

Part of having a productive homeschooling environment is to put together one that is organized that kids feel comfortable in, amiright, mama?

Having the right kind of equipment, such as a proper desk, can be highly beneficial to their productivity and happiness during their homeschooling experience.

While every child is unique and homeschooling parents should take their children’s needs and opinions into consideration, having a dedicated desk and workspace works well for many homeschooled students.

My twins will be doing distance learning (and I may switch to homeschooling once I see how distance learning is working for my twins).

I know that having a homeschool desk helps to keep kids organized and all of their school items in one place, rather than all over the house.

So, if you are in search of homeschool desk ideas, I have rounded up 16 of the best ones that we could find to provide you with some ideas for your own homeschooling space or classroom.

No matter how large or small your space is or how many kids you are homeschooling, there are easily many different ways to incorporate some really amazing homeschool desk ideas into your available area.

What I’m Using for My Twins’ Homeschool Set Up

As I mentioned, my twins will be doing distance learning, but I do want to set up a homeschool desk environment with play areas, creative areas, quiet areas and the like.

For now I will use what I have – these easy to store folding table and chair set. It’s definitely budget-friendly, easy to clean and versatile for other ideas. 

My twins’s homeschool set up

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Large Space Setups for Homeschool Desks

If you are lucky enough to have a lot of wall space or an entire room to work with, then you have nearly limitless options!

These large space setups work especially well if you are homeschooling two or more kids.

These awesome setups effectively use up every inch of available space for learning and exploring.

This lovely homeschool desk idea accommodates three or more kids comfortably.

There is plenty of shelving in these hutch style desks to keep supplies organized and enough room for kids to spread out a bit to complete their tasks.

Note the use of homeschool materials, like the globe and books, all within arms reach.

This setup obviously works well with a corner space if you don’t have an entire wall to work with or are accommodating more children.

If you have a large, blank wall to work with, then this just might be the perfect homeschool desk idea for you. This gives kids so much space to do their work without feeling like they are on top of each other.

While this is a DIY style desk, you can easily accomplish this look by finishing a large piece of wood and using wooden crates as the legs.

The use of the cork boards and the color coding each child’s things is great as it can certainly negate arguments over which supplies belong to whom.

When you have more windows than wall space to work with, sometimes that can be a problem.

Not with this homeschool desk setup.

This setup below is great because it gives your budding little learners plenty of light and puts mom or dad right beside them. The desks they are using here are pretty simple designs with a standard top and shelf on the side.

This gives students plenty of work room and storage to keep all of their essentials organized. 

If you are lucky enough to have a full room for your homeschooling adventures, then this large, square table just might be perfect for your students. It works perfectly for four students while still giving them enough room.

The great thing about this desk below is that it can be used as a larger work surface for bigger projects.

This workspace design is also fully customizable, in fact, it’s made of several drawer units and a large piece of board placed on top.

This homeschool desk idea below used both hutch style desks and tall bookshelves to provide students with some separation.

With this setup, there is certainly plenty of storage space for books and supplies.

You can even add additional shelving if necessary.

While it’s not included in this setup, you could also utilize the backside of each of the bookshelves and place a cork board or whiteboard on the back for notes and other important documents. 

Create a super bright and colorful homeschool classroom by placing a cute table in the middle of a dedicated room.

This setup below is versatile and works well for kids of all ages. While you can really use any kind of dining table, you will want to make sure that it will provide your young learners with enough room to stretch out, much like this mid-century modern table.

Stylish and functional! 

If your kids like the seating structure of a traditional schooling experience with the flexibility of homeschooling, then why not opt for some old-school traditional student desks?

If you are lucky enough to find an antique student desk at a thrift store or rummage sale or make one yourself!

Otherwise you can easily get your hands on a more modern version. The nice thing about the modern student desks is that they are height adjustable, which means they can easily grow with your child, unlike their antique counterparts. 

A homeschool desk setup doesn’t need to be overly fancy or break the bank. This setup below uses simple desks and chairs and uses the available area to give kids their own separate spaces.

If you have a smaller area and are looking to give kids a bit more separation, consider getting desks with walls to help keep students focused.

Small Space Setups for Homeschool Desks

Whether you are working with fewer children or smaller spaces, you still have options for your homeschool desks. While many of these ideas work better with one homeschooled child, you could easily set these up to accommodate more children.

Got a couple closets in your home that you are looking to renovate? There are plenty of small desk options available that would fit just fine in a closet or other small space.

If you can’t find one to perfectly fit your space, you can put together a desk to fit by putting together a board and drawer system. This setup works well for kids who don’t want to be bothered much.

The best part about this homeschool hide-away is that when not in use, you can simply close the doors.

This is a great solution if you have toddlers or younger siblings that like to get into everything.

Feel like you have no room at all for a desk or dedicated homeschooling area?

Then create a desk with a simple piece of panel board like the one below. This setup can easily be modified to fold down when not in use by adding a few hinges.

Otherwise if you are not very handy, you can opt for a premade floating desk to provide a work station and organize supplies.

A great desk idea for younger kids who don’t need a lot of supplies.

Similar to the previous homeschool desk idea, this fold down desk below is self-containing and space saving.

While this is a DIY desk idea, it works perfectly for tight spaces.

Whether you are working with limited floor space or limited wall space, this desk idea works well for kids of all ages. You can easily customize the desk by adding a peg board to the back and hanging baskets for organizing supplies.

When working within a smaller area, it’s critical to use every inch of space you have available.

While this small desk might not be very wide, it offers a lot of work space in the depth for this small corner workspace.

Of course, don’t forget to include a stylish chair that your homeschooler will love to sit in.

In just about any small corner space you can find a variety of desks to fit your needs.

The small child sized table here with a matching chair is just so cute. 

It works great for younger kids and can be easily cleaned when art projects get a little messy.

The use of the wall space here below is great with the peg board to keep all supplies organized.

If you are looking for a highly versatile desk to last your child through their learning journey, then consider this multi-stage, adjustable desk. It comes with a handy reading light, book stand, and built in book shelf.

This small desk area below works well for either a corner setup or against a wall area.

You can create this homeschool desk idea with a simple desk or table, a large corkboard, and rolling cart.

This study area can be easily customized by adding a colorful rug, fun and comfy chair, and distraction free decorations.

This easy lap desk idea below works great for kids that like to move around and or don’t have a larger dedicated space to work with.

This idea also works great if you happen to be a location independent family that likes to travel or if your child is older.

This simple and compatible setup works great on the go and in just about any type of space. Of course don’t forget your rolling cart to store materials and a comfy bean bag chair.

How Do I Set Up An Online School Desk?

Figuring out the best place to set up your homeschool desk relies on how much space do you have in your home?

For us, our twins can work in the basement, living room or even in their room.

I ensure there are no distractions around them, like video game controllers, TV controllers, iPads and the like. 

I also make sure to have the room they are doing homsechooling in is clean and organized.

If you’re wondering where to place your homeschool desk in your child’s bedroom, just make sure there is enough room to walk for safety reason. For my twins, I ended up placing their desks under their window so their backs were to their beds.

How Should I Prepare My Homeschool Desk for Studying at Home?

Having the proper school supplies at home and storage containers can help you keep organized, especially if you have more than one child doing homeschooling, like I do.

Some homeschool desks have built-in storage like this KidsKraft wooden study desk. It’s small enough to fit in a child’s room, basement or living room

The Best Homeschool Desk Ideas for You

With the rise in homeschooling and online schooling, it’s important to create a learning environment that will fit your child’s needs and preferences.

While some kids thrive with the structure of sitting at a dedicated desk all day, others need room to move around and find an area that gives them creative freedom.

Rowdy children may have a tougher time learning from home, but make sure to provide sensory breaks, physical exercise and above all some fun learning time.

I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to checkout my other homeschooling articles!

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