14 Gifts for Brother (From the New Baby)

Find some awesome gifts for brother in this list for you!

Becoming a big brother is a special occasion for any young man.

No matter his age when this honor is bestowed upon him, be sure that he knows how important it is and what a big responsibility being a big brother is to his new baby brother or sister.

One of the ways that mom and dad can make this transition easier and a little more fun is by presenting gifts for brother that are “from the baby”.

From ideas to keep him occupied so mommy can take a shower to ways he can find a bit of peace and quiet, check out these cool gift ideas for big brothers of all ages.

Gifts for Brother (Toddler)

Whether mommy needs some quiet time to feed the baby or some little extra helping hands, the new big brother is sure to love any of these gifts for him.

1. I’m A Big Brother Book

This book helps to transition your toddler into becoming a big brother.

Your little guy will certainly feel some mixed feelings when mom and dad bring home their new brother or sister. They might feel jealous or upset when the baby gets to use all of their old things, like their swing, car seat, and blankets.

Be sure your little guy understands how important it is to be a big brother with this fun book.

Better yet, get him a couple of books about the new baby and becoming a big brother that you can read to him on a regular basis. Or perhaps surprise him with a personalized book that includes his name and the name of the new baby.

2. Matching Outfits

If the new baby is a boy, consider getting them these cute matching construction shirts. Each shirt can even be personalized with their names.

A fun and cute way for big brother to bond with little brother.

3. Superhero Gift Set

If your little guy is always running around playing superhero then he is going to love this big brother superhero gift set. It includes a cape, mask, and book all about how big brothers are superheroes.

4. Kindle Tablet

Whether or not you are a proponent of kids and screen time, sometimes you just need a little something to keep your toddler occupied. He will enjoy all of the great games and educational videos on there while you can enjoy a five minute, uninterrupted shower.

Realistically, if your little guy doesn’t already have a tablet, this is a wonderful idea.

This can help to keep him occupied while taking the baby to the doctor, when you’re feeding or pumping and you just don’t have the time to sit down and play with him or he is being too anxious to play by himself.

Of course, don’t forget the headphones and travel bag for when you are out and about.

5. Kid Camera

Make your little guy feels like he has an important job with this kids camera. While mom and dad are sure to take a ton of pictures of their new little bundle of joy, make sure brother can get in on the action too.

He will be so excited to take pictures and videos of the new baby and can even have mom and dad print some out to show off his new sibling to his friends at school. Not only is this durable camera easy to use, it actually takes pretty high quality photos.

Encourage big brother to take photos of the new baby, mom, dad, and even a few selfies with him being a big brother.

6. Picasso Tiles

While toddler boys are notoriously noisey, encourage him to learn to play with some quiet gifts for brother tosy. These Picasso tiles are great for learning to build and stretching the imagination. From castles to rocket ships, there is no shortage of amazing things to build.

This is also a great toy that you don’t have to worry about small pieces as baby gets older and starts to put things in their mouth. It is also a toy that can grow with them. You can easily add new sets and big brother can teach their little sibling how to build things with these cool tiles.

7. Splash Pad

This is a great gift to get big brother if baby is born in spring or summer.

Mom or dad can sit outside with their little ones while big brother gets to play safely in the water. Once their baby brother or sister gets a little older, then they can join them in the splash pad for some cool fun.

Gifts for Brother (Elementary Age)

At this age, big brother can lend a helping hand or might become a little more independent. Encourage big brother to be on his own a bit more with these gift ideas for big brothers ages 6-12.

8. Book Series

Babies need lots of attention. Rather than occupy the new big brother with technology, encourage him to read to himself and the baby with a new book series. There are so many great series out there, depending on his age of course.

For little guys ages 6-8, consider collections like the My Weird School Daze book set.

Of course, there are always silly joke books that kids get a kick out of. Another good set for kids ages 8-12 is the series from Ronald Dahl that include classics like The Big Friendly Giant, Matilda, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or the Wings on Fire series for boys that love fantasy.

Encourage your little guy to read to the baby every day with these great books.

9. Big Bro Shirt

I love this gift idea for brother!

While he might be too cool to wear matching outfits with the baby, he’s sure to love this game inspired shirt. There’s nothing better than leveling up in the game of life. Big brother will be excited to wear this shirt to let all of his friends and family know he’s achieved a new status.

10. Brain Games

Young boys already spend enough time playing video games, watching TV, or working on their computers. Be sure their little minds are challenged with fun brain games. Brain games are great to work on by themselves or to sit down with mom and dad when they have a few minutes.

Some great brain games to get to play at home are Gravity Maze, The Circuit Maze, and the Laser Maze.

If you are looking for smaller brain games that they can take with them on the go, check out SmartGames. From Atlantis Escape to IQ Twist, these games are sure to challenge their brain power and keep them occupied. 

11. Magic Kit

Encourage big brother to learn a new hobby with this fun magic kit. A quiet activity he can do and hone his skills on while baby is napping.

He will be able to impress friends and family when they come to visit the baby with his new magic skills.

As baby gets older, big brother can amaze little brother or sister with his stunning magic act.

Gifts for Brother (Older)

By age 13 and older, he might just hide in his room after you bring the baby home. Be sure that you can still connect with him while giving him his own space with these fun, tech ideas.

12. Noise Canceling Headphones

Be sure that big brother can get some peace and quiet. Whether playing video games, reading a book, or listening to music, these noise canceling headphones will help big brother to tune out. It can be stressful for older children when a new baby comes home, especially when they have been an only child all their life.

Make the transition a little easier by giving him something to help tune out all those new noises. Babies cry, sometimes a lot, and that can cause undue stress to older siblings.

13. Alexa Smart Device

If they don’t already, consider getting big brother an Alexa smart device. While they will think that it is a gift for them, it’s really something to help you out (so be sure to purchase a few of them to have around the house).

Mom and dad can always use an extra set of hands when there is a new baby in the house.

Having an Alexa to call on big brother for help once and awhile can be a huge help! Whether it’s grabbing baby a new outfit or calling them down for dinner, this smart home device is sure to come in handy.

One of the other things that you can use an Alexa for, for kids of all ages, is to help set routines.

This could be a routine to help get them ready for school in the morning, a bedtime routine, or just a reminder to do their chores. This is super helpful for when mom and dad’s minds are on other things regarding taking care of the baby.

14. Magnetic Poetry Kit

Sometimes big brothers can feel left out, especially if they are old enough to take care of themselves.

Be sure that they know that they are still always on your mind with this magnetic poetry kit for the refrigerator. This is a fun and unique way to share those special thoughts with one another.

Start with this kit or grab a few others to mix and match with to put together many kind or funny words for one another.

Make it a game to write poems back and forth to one another daily.

No matter at what age he becomes a big brother, it’s nice to get him something “from the baby.”

Enjoy These Gifts for Brother

There ya go! I hope you enjoyed this list of gifts to give to the new brother in the house!

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