14 Ingenious Baby Reveal Ideas (Gender Party & Cake Ideas Too)

Get some creative baby reveal ideas, party ideas and cake ideas for you!

Pink or blue…

That is the question.

You have waited long enough to find out what your little one is (13 to 20 weeks, or thereabout), it’s time to throw a party and post it all over social media.

If you chose to have a baby reveal of your first pregnancy, there are some really fun, funny, and super classy gender reveal ideas out there to show the world if your little bundle of joy is going to be sporting pink bows or a blue baseball cap.

For many couples, this is a great way to get both guys and girls from both sides of the family together to celebrate your newest family member. If you do a quick search online you are sure to find hundreds if not thousands of different baby gender reveal party ideas.

There are essentially two different ways to do a baby reveal.

Have the ultrasound technician give you a sealed envelope with the gender that you can give to a trusted friend or family member to help you plan the party.

This keeps the parents in suspense until the big moment.

Or, you can (as in the parent or parents) can find out the gender and do a baby reveal ideas party to your friends and family. Although I think the first one is a little more exciting.

Here is a list of some of the most popular baby reveal ideas

Box of Balloons

This is one that is all over social media. You can have a small box with one balloon tied inside or a larger box with a whole mess of balloons tied inside or that float away.

Simply grab the size box you want, either leave it brown or paint it a neutral color then fill with “It’s a girl balloons” or “It’s a boy balloons.”

This gender reveal ideas is also a great option if you are having multiples as you can easily use multiple boxes, one for each baby.

Sweets and Treats

There are tons of different ways to bake either pink or blue things into cakes, cupcakes, pies, and just about any other baked good you could think of.

For the actual reveal it works well if both of the parents are somehow cutting into the baked good or eating it at the same time.

You can bake a layered cake and fill it with pink candies or blue candies so that they fall out when the cake is cut.

Or back the inside of cupcakes or cake pops pink or blue.

Smoke Bombs

This is a fun one that dads tend to really enjoy.

These gender reveal smoke bombs are easy enough to use and also make for great pictures!

You can either have one person do one smoke bomb or buy a bunch and let your guests help in the reveal as well. You can then easily use the photos to send out gender reveal announcements.

I have also seen gender reveal ideas where the couple is turned around and the smoke is released behind them so they have to turn around to see the color.

Confetti Cannons

Confetti cannons are very similar to smoke bombs, just a little messier.

Another one that dads love to help with.

This is also one that smaller siblings love, because what little kid doesn’t love confetti? Just make sure that you are pointing them up in the air and not at someone.

Safety first.

Gender Reveal Idea: Volcano

Yes, you read that correctly, a volcano.

Remember the vinegar and baking soda volcano from science class, that type of volcano, only about fifty times bigger.

Technically you could make a smaller one, but what would be the fun in that?

I can bet if you try this one you will have all the neighborhood kids coming over to check out what is going on.

You can easily make (the mixture at least) with some baking soda and colored powdered dye to create that awesome, colorful eruption.

The baby gender reveal idea volcano itself can be made out of all sorts of different materials, although I would suggest not to make it too heavy so that you can still move it to where you need it.

Paint, Lots of Paint…

If you are willing to get a little, or a lot messy, having your friends dump paint over you might be a fun idea.

Just make sure that you opt for the washable pink or blue paint, that is going to make cleanup a lot easier.

The couple below had the right idea and suited up in some biohazard suits while standing in a swimming pool as the paint was dumped over them.

Hitting or Kicking a Ball:

If either parent is a sports fan, then hitting a gender reveal baseball or kicking a gender reveal football is a fun and practical idea.

I have even seen this done with professional baseball and football players on the field, how cool is that?!

Using a Dog or Sibling

If you already have a fur baby or another child that will soon have a sibling, you can use them as part of the baby reveal.

Tie a pink or blue ribbon on the dog or child or have your older child wear a gender reveal t-shirt.


Even though the shirt doesn’t say the gender on it, you could easily add something to the back of the shirt by making an iron-on transfer with some blue or pink glittery vinyl.


Fireworks are such a fun idea and great for a baby gender reveal party during the summer.

Fireworks are also great to pair with gender reveal confetti cannons or with smoke bombs to make a really big statement.

Gender Reveal Ideas: Cracking Eggs

This one can get a little messy as well.

You take a dozen eggs and have all but one hard-boiled. There are six eggs that are dyed pinked and six eggs that are dyed blue.

The couple takes one egg at a time and cracks them against their foreheads.

Or against each other’s foreheads. The one egg that is not hard-boiled is the one that reveals the gender.

Gender Reveal Ideas: Use a Car

Depending on how extra you are, you can go buy yourself a new vehicle in either pink or blue.

If you don’t want to purchase a new car, you can also have your car wrapped in pink vinyl or blue vinyl.

Now the problem becomes getting a big enough box for the vehicle to fit in.

Or you can be like this couple below and just put very large pieces of foam around the vehicle tied with a giant pink and blue bow.

Balloon Pop

Popping a large black balloon with smaller pink or blue balloons inside of it is also a very popular gender reveal idea.

This is also a good one to do if you are having multiple babies, simply order a few more balloons.

Use the Holidays

If you are doing a gender reveal right around Christmas, why not use this gender reveal idea around the holiday season?

Pick up some pink or blue Christmas lights and wrap up your Christmas tree in lights, and then a garbage bag so as not to ruin the surprise.

The couple can just plug the tree in and jump for joy when they find out what they are having.

Here is another fun idea if you are doing a baby reveal around Halloween. Instead of putting the lights on a Christmas tree, you can put them in a cauldron with some dry ice for effect.

Another great Halloween idea is to light up a Jack O’ Lantern with either some pink or blue glow stick, lights, or a smoke bomb.

Giant Baby Race

By far probably one of the funniest baby reveals that I have seen.

For this, you need two volunteers to wear giant inflatable baby costumes, one for a boy and one for a girl. Then they can race and whoever wins is what the gender of the baby is going to be. 

Bonus: 14 More Gender Reveal Ideas

Get a load of these awesome reveal ideas for your pregnancy to share

Gender Reveal Party Ideas

The great thing about baby reveal ideas is that you can work them into almost any party theme!

Here are some gender reveal party ideas you should check out:

Bows or Bowties

This classic gender reveal party idea is cute and easy to pull off.

You can have guests choose between genders by wearing a pin that is either a bowtie or a bow.

What Will It Bee?

I love this gender-neutral gender party theme that uses bees, black, and yellow to celebrate your little one!

You can decorate with a honeycomb backdrop and beehive lanterns – and serve delicious treats made with honey.

Little He or Little She

You can really do anything with this theme! It’s a great way to incorporate any type of decor, from nautical to jungle animals and more.

Or you can throw a Baby-Q party complete with delicious barbecued dishes!

Waddle It Be?

Whether you go with penguins or ducks, this gender reveal party idea is super cute!

If you go with ducks, you can decorate with small rubber duckies and use a beautiful combination of blue, pink, and yellow.

Little Prince or Little Princess

If you’re looking to host a more sophisticated affair, use a little prince or little princess theme.

You can serve tea and cupcakes, as well as other fancy finger foods.

Don’t forget to decorate using gold and silver – and you can add in some royal colors such as dark blue and dusty purple.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star. How we wonder who you are!”

You can use this classic nursery rhyme for your gender reveal party idea! Decorate using a celestial theme, including stars and moons.

This is such a great gender-neutral theme!

Buck or Doe

You can create a beautiful forest gender party reveal theme by going with “Buck or Doe!”

Decorate with green, brown, and gold, using wooden dishes to create an absolutely enchanting look.

Gender Reveal Activity Ideas

No gender reveal party is complete without some fun activities!

The most popular one is getting guests to choose what gender they think the baby is. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Voting Cards: Print some cute voting cards and hand them out to guests. You can set up a polling station.
  • Chalkboard: Have your guests use a piece of chalk to add a tally mark under “boy” or “girl.”
  • Pins: Using the theme of your gender reveal party, have guests choose which gender they are guessing by wearing a pin.
  • Colored Drinks: Offer blue or pink drinks to guests and have them carry around their guess in a clear cup.

There are also some great game ideas you can use at your gender reveal party, such as setting up backyard activities and having guests choose “Team Pink” or “Team Blue.”

You can also do a movie quiz where guests have to guess the movie title based on clues – and each movie title has the word “pink” or “blue” in it.

You can also include some standard games often used at baby showers, such as giving your guests clothespins and allowing them to snatch them from other guests who say the word “baby.”

You can check out my other baby shower game ideas here!

Gender Reveal Cake Ideas

No party is complete without a delicious cake!

You can use your cake to reveal your baby’s gender or simply have one to feed your guests.

Here are some really cute gender reveal cake ideas:

Donut Tower

If you want to do something other than a traditional cake, you can make a donut tower!

All you need is a big styrofoam cone wrapped in foil and some icing to “glue” the donuts to the tower.

Gender Reveal Halfsies Cake

Doing a half-blue half-pink cake is a super easy way to celebrate your little one. This is perfect if you are looking for a straightforward gender reveal cake idea.

Ombre Cake

If you’re doing a cake that reveals your baby’s gender on the inside, consider having it made with ombre colors. Simply use a darker color on the bottom layer and lighter colors as you work your way to the top!

Sprinkle Spill Cake

Cutting into a cake to reveal your baby’s gender is super exciting – but you can make it more exciting by filling the cake with sprinkles or candies!

This hollow cake is filled with either pink or blue sprinkles or candies that spill out once it’s cut.


Again, you don’t necessarily need a cake to make this occasion super special.

Simply dip strawberries in chocolate that is either pink or blue. Once hardened, dip them again in regular chocolate.

When guests bite into the strawberries, they’ll learn the gender of your baby!

Cake Pops

Cake pops are another wonderful gender reveal cake idea that is simple to make and exciting to bite into.

Use vanilla cake mix and color the batter pink or blue. Coat in white icing.

You can even pipe blue and pink question marks on the cake pops and use blue and pink striped straws as holders.

Themed Cake

If you have chosen a theme for your gender reveal party, you can always decorate the cake to match your decorations.

For example, if you are going with a bee theme, you can have a super cute beehive cake!

Other Gender Reveal Ideas to Try

Some other fun baby gender reveal party ideas include some pink or blue fizzy drinks for your guests.

And of course, you are going to need some games.

These chalkboard game posters will have your guests divided into team boy or team girl in no time!

Show your party planner a little love also with this “Keeper of the Gender” t-shirt, because that is a big secret to keep!

And lastly, of course, you need some adorable girl or boy balloons to decorate your party as well.

Over to you –

Which gender reveal idea did you enjoy or like the most? Share with me in the comments!

And, don’t forget to pin me!

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