35 FREE Colorful Easter Eggs Printable ( No Email Sign Up)

Get some colorful Easter Eggs printable template for free with no sign up required!

Easter is a time for kids to hunt eggs and have fun!

From having cute and fun Easter breakfast ideas to wonderful Easter coloring printable to have on hand for some hours of fun!

Having some colorful Easter eggs template is a great way to spend the day with your family.

The Easter egg printable make it easy to come up with an Easter activity in no time, whether you’re looking for Easter coloring books or something more challenging like an Easter egg hunt game. They can also be used to make beautiful Easter cards or just used as a colorful coloring book full of Easter eggs and easter baskets.

Print out these 35 free Easter egg printables to help celebrate the holiday.

There are a variety of different eggs to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect one your child would like to color or cut. Be sure to share with your friends and family!

35 Free Colorful Easter Eggs Printable Template

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Are Easter Bunny Pictures Included?

Yes! In the colorful Easter Eggs Printable I included some Easter Bunny pictures your child can color or your can cut out to make some Easter crafts.

How Do You Print Out Easter Eggs?

For my Easter egg coloring pages, they are all in black and white.

This way you can save on printer ink and print off these Easter eggs printable to give to your toddler for some coloring fun.

I have many single page Easter eggs for your toddler who is learning to color can easily see the Easter egg printable and color within the lines.

Are These Christ-Centered Easter Eggs Printable?


I have included some Christ-focussed Easter eggs to share with your family!

Are there Colorful Easter Eggs With Many On a Page?

While the Easter Eggs Printable is all in black and white, your toddler can have fun coloring each Easter egg.

I have also included pages with mulitple Easter Eggs to color and cut.

What About Adult Easter Egg Coloring Pages?

Yes! I have detailed Easter Eggs that adults or teens alike can have fun coloring!

How Do You Make Easter Egg Out of Paper?

If you want to make a 2d Easter egg, I do have a few Easter egg template where there is no design inside the Easter egg.

Have your toddler or child decorate the Easter egg and then you can cut it out for them.

5 Easter Egg Printable Craft Ideas

What will you do with all of these colorful Easter egg printables?

After your toddler has fun coloring them, here are five craft ideas you can use with your Easter egg printable.

1. Paper Easter Eggs

These simple paper Easter eggs are perfect for kids of all ages.

All you need is some construction paper, glue stick, scissors, and a stapler.

Cut out some coloful Easter eggs and then paste the Easter coloring printables on top of the construction paper egg.

2. Pom-pom Easter Eggs

These pretty pom-pom Easter eggs are easy to make and perfect for a spring craft.

You’ll need some pom-poms, googly eyes, and a hot glue gun.

Get your colorful Easter egg printable and get ready to make some funny egg faces!

3. Easter Egg Suncatcher

This colorful Easter egg suncatcher is easy to make and perfect for your window.

You’ll need some tissue paper, and some markers.

Place the tissue paper over the Easter eggs printable and trace the design with markers.

Cut out the tissue Easter egg and tape them to your window!

4. Easter Egg Garland

This fun Easter egg garland is perfect for your Easter celebrations.

You’ll need some construction paper, a hole punch, yarn, and your Easter egg template.

Use the plain Easter egg to use as a template to make construction Easter eggs. Either paste on the printable on top of the construction egg or decorate the contstruction paper.

Hole punch the Easter eggs and slip yarn in between to make a garland.

5. Easter Egg Wreath

This beautiful Easter egg wreath is the easy to make once you have your colorful Easter eggs printable!

Just cut each egg out and form a wreath pattern. Then glue each Easter egg printable in place to make a fun and cute Easter Egg wreath!

Get Your Easter Egg Coloring On!

Make sure to click any of the images above and download your free collection of Easter egg printables for kids (and for grown ups too!).

It has a variety of different eggs to choose from, as well as different sizes too! Be sure to share with your friends and family!

Happy Easter!

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