Best Postpartum Belly Wrap If You Had a C-Section Birth

Learn what postpartum belly wrap works for you if you had a C-section

Bouncing back after having a baby can be difficult enough.

Getting back into the groove of things after a C-section takes even longer.

No driving, no picking up anything other than your baby, no moving around really.

One of the things that many women have found to be beneficial to the healing process after having a C-Section is a postpartum belly wrap.

But you might be wondering…

Do postpartum belly wraps really work?

How long should I wear it after birth?

What are the actual benefits of this crazy looking contraption?

And most importantly…will it make me thinner?

In this post I want to share with you what the benefits are to a new mama, what to look for in a postpartum belly wrap, what it means for weight loss, and our top pick for a postpartum belly band.

Why a Postpartum Belly Wrap is a Must

Having a C-section can be a pretty traumatic experience to your body. It was for me! I couldn’t even hold both my twins and had to sit a lot to heal.

In many ways, your body will never fully recover from having this major surgery. Like getting the feeling back in your lower stomach…don’t hold your breath on that one.

The main job of a postpartum belly wrap is to help keep your abdominal organs and muscles aligned until they are strong enough to do their job again. 

After you give birth it takes awhile for your uterus to shrink back to normal and organs to move back where they are supposed to be. Using a belly band can help to speed up this process.

Unlike the waist trainers that you Instagram influencers peddling, postpartum bands offer light compression in all the right places rather than a stiff corset strictly made to crush your organs.

Light compression in the right places can be especially useful when recovering from a C-Section.

Using a postpartum belly band after having a C-section helps to take pressure off the incision site and speed up the overall healing process.

Many women experience pain, decreased mobility, and a weak pelvic floor after giving birth and even more so after having a C-section.

There is also the annoyance of diastis recti where the ab muscles separate and make your stomach look kinda weird.

Wearing a belly band after giving birth can help with all of these common postpartum issues.

Wearing a postpartum belly band after a C-section can also help to decrease abdominal and back pain as well as bleeding. Not to mention hold in that extra flabby skin that you may be feeling self conscience about.

The Postpartum Cure

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What About Weight Loss?

There is a lot of confusion as to whether or not postpartum belly bands actually help you to lose that extra baby weight. While they can certainly help you to lose inches (when you are actively wearing them) there is no solid science behind postpartum compression wear helping women to lose weight.

More often than not, any of this immediate weight loss that women experience is most likely due to the loss of the remaining pregnancy fluid rather than fat.

So don’t trade your treadmill for a belly band too soon.

Healthy eating and light exercise (after you have been cleared by your doctor or course), along with breastfeeding is going to be your best bet for getting back to that prepregnancy weight.

Before You Wear One…

Always be sure to get the OK from your doctor before wearing a postpartum belly band. There are certain instances where wearing a belly band is not recommended:

  • If you have an infection at your incision site.
  • If you experienced pregnancy or delivery complications such as preeclampsia.

When you are shopping for a postpartum belly band you are going to want to make sure that you can easily go to the bathroom and or change a pad and not be stuck in something that takes 20 minutes to take off.

Choosing The Right Postpartum Belly Band For You

Most likely you are going to have to order a belly band online as they are not a very common item that stores carry.

So here is what you need to look for when picking out your belly band. Be sure to read the reviews before you click the buy button, it can save you a lot of headache.

  • Lots of adjustability (you are going to shrink so you don’t want to have to by another one in a month).
  • Soft and comfortable materials. If you can’t feel it before you buy it, again, read the reviews and the product description carefully.
  • Something that allows for mobility and isn’t too restrictive. You should be able to sit and stand in relative comfort.
  • Something that you can easily (and quickly) take off. Cuz when you have to pee…you have to pee!
  • Anything with super stiff or uncomfortable materials.

While you can wear postpartum belly bands longer than the traditional corsets and waist trainers, you should not wear them all day every day. This can actually cause your muscles to become weak from relying on the band too much.

My Top Pick

3 in 1 Postpartum Belly Band

The 3 in 1 postpartum belly band is a lifesaver for many women post pregnancy. It consists of three different bands that can be worn together or separately; the belly band, the waist band, and the pelvic band.

The belly band is meant to help get your stomach muscles “back to normal,” as much as possible. The waist band will help to flatten the belly, bring back that sexy hourglass figure, and provide relief from back pain. Lastly, the pelvic band is meant to help relieve tension on the uterus and help it return back to a normal size.

The best part…you don’t even have to take it off to pee!

For those mamas that are breastfeeding, this will help to promote proper posture which can drastically help to reduce back pain.

You can easily adjust the breathable fabric to get just the right amount of compression.

While this belly band might seem a little bulky, it also is sure to stay in place and won’t roll down like some other shapewear.

The great thing about the 3 in 1 function is that you can wear each one separately and add the others as you heal. Within the first week after giving birth you can wear the stomach belt to help get your organs moving back to where they should be.

From weeks one to six, you can add the waist belt to help support your back and provide support when breastfeeding.

With the pelvic belt, you want to be sure that your stitches are healed before using this on a regular basis. Once your stitches are all healed up, you can use the pelvic belt to help shrink your pelvic back to normal.

This particular style comes in two different sizes, one size for women under 190 pounds and plus size for women over 190 pounds.

Honorable Mentions

Depending on your situation, you might be looking for a different kind of belly band. Postpartum belly bands come in a wide range and serve different purposes. Here are a few more that can also help in the postpartum healing process.

Compression Band

If you don’t want to mess around with straps and multiple bands, then this postpartum compression band works great. Made to slip on and off, this one piece band provides both compression and support. This band can also easily be worn under tighter clothing without looking like you’re wearing a belly band. Just be cautious if wearing on a fresh incision.

C-Section Girdle

Made specifically for women who have had a C-Section, this super comfortable belly band will help to keep everything in place. Lightweight and stretchy, this band offers superior support for the postpartum abdomen. 

Shrinkx Belly Ban

The Shrinkx offers triple compression and all the support right at the waist. Not only does this belly band offer support where you need it most, it will also help you to look and feel slimmer. Even though it offers a lot of support, it is made from lightweight and breathable material, so you won’t have to worry about breaking a sweat every time you put it on.

C-Section Girdle Underwear

If you find wearing a belly band of any kind uncomfortable, then perhaps some girdle underwear will work better for you. These offer support for both the hips and the lower abdomen without feeling restricted. These are great for protecting the C-Section incision without too much work on your part. You can easily adjust the compression using the velcro straps to find something that is comfortable for you.

Not to mention, it will also help to hide that tummy pouch.

The Postpartum Belly Wrap for You

Before making a purchase for any kind of belly band, you should consult with your doctor to see if there is anything they suggest specifically for you. Once you get the go ahead, start wearing that postpartum belly band to help you start to look and feel like your old self again.

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