62 Best Irish Baby Names for 2021

Find the best Irish baby name for your bundle of joy!

Choosing a name for your baby will be the first of many difficult decisions that you make for your little bundle of joy.

Irish baby names are a great option, they are strong, timeless, and often feel a little magical.

One of the neat things about Irish names is that you can often use a surname as a first name and many of them are unisex and can be used for both boys and girls.

Here 62 Irish names for your baby you can choose from!

Best Irish Baby Names


Which can also be spelled Adah or Ada.


Which is traditionally a boys name but can be spelled Erin and used as a girl’s name. Aaron means strength ot inspired. It can also be spelled Ahren.


Of Gaelic origin, Abigail is a traditional name that can take many nicknames, such as Abby, Gail, or Gael. There are also a couple other spellings, such as Abaigael and Abaigeal.


Abel has a strong biblical origin, who was the son of Adam and Eve and killed by his brother, Cain. It means son or breath. It can also be spelled Able.


Aiden has been very popular over recent years. This is a unisex name that means fiery one and can be spelled Aaden, Edan, Adan, Aidan, Ayden, or Aideen.


Of Gaelic origin, can also be spelled Alanna or Allana, meaning fair, bright, or an offering.


The name Berkeley is most commonly associated with the University of California, but is actually an Irish surname. 


Blair is a beautiful name meaning child of the fields.


Braden, a Gaelic name meaning Salmon. It can be spelled several different ways, such as Braddon, Bradon, Brayden, or Braeden. It can even be shortened to Brady.


Bree meaning strength and has many nicknames and variations. Variations include Brienne, Brianna, Briannah, Briana, and Breanne.


Brody refers to a location in Scotland, a castle. Can also be spelled Brodie.


Meaning vigilant and has several spellings. Casey is also a name that can be used for boys or girls. Casey also has several variations such as Cacey, Kacy, Kacie, Kacey, and Kacee.


Caitlin is a traditional Irish girl’s name. Caitlin is a variant of Catherine and has many different variations. Variants include Katelynn, Kaitlynn, Kaitlyn, Caitlan, Caitlyn, or Caitlin.


Meaning most beautiful, of Gaelic origin, is often used as a pet form of Callista. Variations include Callie, Callee, Caly, Kallie, Cali, and Calla.


An Irish surname meaning strong in battle or high; mighty.


A unisex name that has gained popularity again. A surname which means one who lives near a hollow. It can also be spelled Cori.


Of Gaelic origin meaning black-haired. Alternate spellings include Deegan and Dagen.  


Of Irish decent meaning free man.


Meaning full of goodness, Declan was a saint.


A beautiful name of Irish decent meaning descendant of the challenger. Delany is also a surname.


Another great strong Irish name that could be used for a boy or a girl. With several variations including Devon, Devyn, Devin, and Deveon.


Meaning faithful and can be used as both a boy’s or girl’s name. Variations include Dilan and Dillon. Can also be used as a surname.


Meaning fiery, there are several variations. Alternate spellings include Egon and Egan.


As mentioned before, Erin is a feminine form of Aaron. Meaning peace and is a poetic Irish name. Alternate spellings include Erynn and Eryn. 


A rather strong Irish surname meaning ruler or “in charge”. A unisex name with different variations including Fallyn and Falon. 


Farran is another unisex name similar to Fallon. Farran means adventurous and is often a surname. Other spellings include Farryn, Farren, and Farin.


Meaning fair, this Irish surname is often shortened to Finn as a nickname.


A beautiful Gaelic name meaning fair.


Meaning ruddy, other alternate spellings include Flannagain and Flainn.


Flynn is a fun name meaning son of a red-haired man. It can also be used as a surname. Alternate spellings include Flinn and Flin.


Meaning stranger and often a shortened version of Abigael.


Of Gaelic origin meaning noble or man of rank. Is also a surname.


An Irish surname of Welsh decent meaning strong in faith.


Meaning ingenious and is often a surname. Variations on spellings include Hailey and Halle.


Meaning youthful, often a surname, and can be spelled Hagen.


The name Ida has many origins and meanings. In English it means prosperous, in German, diligent or hard-working, in Hindi it is the Hindu goddess or prayer and devotion, and in Irish it means thirsty.


Meaning friend from the sea or handsome.


Meaning pure or innocent is a variation of Catherine. This name is often shortened to Kathy.


Often a surname, meaning thinker, is also a unisex name. Alternate spellings include Kegan and Keegan.


Of Celtic origin, meaning victorious. Kearney is also a name used for boys or girls.


A very feminine Irish name.


A strong choice for boys meaning dweller at the fjord-land or Viking. Alternate spellings include Laochailan, Lochlann, Loughlin, and Lakeland.


Originally a shortened version of William, the name Liam has gained great popularity. It means resolute protector.


A very powerful female name of Celtic origin. It means, intoxicating and was the name of the Irish warrior queen.


An alternate to the traditional English name Megan.


Meaning servant, an alternate spelling includes Myles.


A strong unisex name of Welsh decent meaning circling sea. It can also be spelled Morgin or Morgen.


Meaning holy in Irish and worships the saints in Gaelic, it can also be spelled Nevyn and is most commonly used as a boy’s name.


A beautiful Celtic name meaning ruler and champion in Irish.


A unique and beautiful girl’s name meaning unity. It is also the Gaelic form of Agnes. It can also be spelled Oonagh.


A wonderful, traditional boy’s name meaning dear friend.


Probably one of the most well known Irish boys names. Also, often a surname, Patrick means noble.


Often a surname, Payton has gained popularity as a unisex name. Meaning warrior’s estate, Payton can also be spelled Peyton.


A lovely unisex name meaning intelligent and wise. As a girl’s name it is generally spelled Quinn and Quin as a boy’s name.


Meaning little ruler or little king. It can also be spelled Regan or Reaghan.


Often used as a surname, meaning brave. Riley is popular among both boys and girls. Several spelling variations include Reilley, Reilly, Ryley, or Ryleigh.


Another very popular Irish name meaning kingly or little king. It is often also a surname and can be spelled Ryon, Rian, Rayan, or Rhyan. Although less common, it can also be used for a girl’s name.


Meaning God is gracious, is a very popular name in Ireland. There are also many alternate spellings, so you will have no shortage of options. Shayne, Shaun, Shann, Shanson, Shan, Shaine, Shain, Shaan, Seanan, and Shawn. It can technically be used as a girl’s name also.


Shannon is another strong, Irish uniex name meaning old and wise. It can also be spelled Shannen or Shanahan.


Meaning measure of land and often used as a surname. In English it also means cheerful. It can also be spelled Tate.


Meaning little poet in Irish, often used as a surname. It can also be spelled Tegan.


A very popular Irish girl’s name that is once again gaining popularity. Meaning regal or lordly.

Popular Irish Baby Names for 2021

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