How to Have a Unicorn Birthday Party for Your Daughter

Make your daughter giddy with a unicorn birthday party.

My daughter LOVES unicorns.

She has several unicorn stuffies – all pink – unicorn school outfits, unicorn books and even unicorn pajamas.

It’s a unicorn party up in my house and I love it!


My daughter, though, truly believes unicorns are real and is destined to find an “informational” book about real unicorns at the library. I don’t want to burst her bubble just yet!

If your daughter is having a birthday, you’ll need to “unicornize” everything (yes, I just made up that word).

Here are the best ways to turn your living room into a unicorn birthday palace.

Unicorn Cake Toppers

I can bet these unicorn cake toppers will bring smiles, giggles and stares from your daughter and her friends.

I’ve rounded up the cutest unicorn cake toppers for your daughter’s birthday!

1. GmakCeder Unicorn Cake Topper

Isn’t this unicorn cake topper adorable? – GmakCeder Unicorn Cake Topper

2. Handmade Unicorn Cake Topper

With this bundle, you get:

  • 1 unicorn cake toper
  • Happy Birthday banner
  • Unicorn headband
  • 2 eyelashes

3. Gold Unicorn Cake Toppers

Perfect for your daughter’s party or baby shower too! – Handmade Gold Unicorn Birthday Cake Topper.

4. Rainbow Unicorn Cake Topper

Rainbow! Yes, my daughter also loves rainbow so I’m sure I’ll get this one for her!

5. Silver Unicorn Cake Topper

If your birthday party is more silver toned, then these unicorn cake toppers would work perfectly.

6. Pink and Gold Unicorn Cake Topper

How adorbs! This set comes with a pink happy birthday banner for the cake making the look more dramatic and fun!

Unicorn Birthday Party Favors

1. Rainbow Unicorn Masks

How awesome and cute is this? Turn all your guests into a unicorn with these unicorn masks.

2. Unicorn Poop Candy

OMG, how cute is this? This would be a cute party favor to give to your guests after a long day of unicorn fun!

3. Unicorn Rainbow Poop Swirl

Don’t you know unicorn poop is candy? 🙂

4. Unicorn Gift Party Bags

Don’t forget the unicorn inspired party bag!

Get Ready for the Unicorn Party

1. Unicorn Horn for Birthday Girl

Give your daughter hew own special unicorn headband. She’ll wear it weeks and weeks after her birthday pretending to be a unicorn!

2. Unicorn Birthday Decorations

Make a splash at your daughter’s party with these unicorn birthday balloons and decorations!

3. Unicorn Party Plates

You can’t have a unicorn party without unicorn plates!

4. Pin the Horn on the Unicorn Game

Your guest will have a blast trying to pin the horn on the unicorn! Classic game turned modern!

Have Fun!

I can’t believe my twins turned 5! They want their own birthday party with their own friends. Oy vey! But, you know what?

I love birthdays and seeing my little one’s giddy and excited for their party and presents. Now it’s your turn –

is your daughter birthday coming up? Try having a unicorn birthday!

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